Although considering the number of videos posted on YouTube, few are making money, some gave up their day jobs and became full time YouTubers, yet others have reached the bull’s eye. For YouTube channels and videos that create a huge buzz and bring some traffic that pays back can be awesome. Not just do these YouTubers create a following and several money flows, many show themselves as identities. By coming about the conventional star creating machine these masterminds have been capable of creating their own opportunities. So how much money do YouTubers make?

Here’s how it works: When you try watching a video in YouTube it plays a commercial before playing the actual video. That type of commercial is known as a pre-roll. Every 1000 times a pre-roll ad is featured, YouTube gets paid with certain amount of money. The amount can differ but usually YouTube is paid around $20 to $25 for every thousand views, and is called as CPM (Cost Per Mille).

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make?

When a YouTube channel has got plenty of followers, the bearer of the account can apply to become an associate of their Partner Program. YouTube associates gain a part of the CPM made off the videos in their YouTube channel. YouTube acquires 45 percent of whatever the associate channel makes. The CPM cost can differ pretty a little, but usually a YouTube associate finally be making around $5 to $7 CPM. That intends, for every 1000 times an ad is featured on their channel, the Associate could make $7 (and YouTube would acquire the resting $18). Sometimes they make way more, and in certain cases way less.

Assuming a Partner’s video bears 1 million views and every single person watched a pre-roll ad, the Partner would make $7000. That’s a very approximate example. Actually, for a various sort of reasons, YouTube might never feature a pre-roll ad on every single time you watch a video. For instance, most ads are just aimed at people in the US. Other times, YouTube won’t exhibit a pre-roll to someone who just had one. A pre-roll that promotes the next Spider Man movie compensates more than a small flag advertisement for a domain name firm…

Therefore simply how much money can you earn from YouTube? If you’re one of YouTube’s renowned stars, you can actually make a ton! It’s a great deal for YouTube as these Partners are getting millions and even billions of video views and letting people to visit again. Below is a list of the top 25+ highest earning YouTubers. Their income might prompt you to give up your job and start creating home videos!

Also remember that these counts don’t even comprise extra sources of income such as licensing, sponsorship’s, affiliate programs and merchandise. These digits are only how much money do Youtubers make from their millions of video views…

Top 25+ Highest Earning YouTubers

S.NoYouTube ChannelAnnual EarningsTotal Video Views
1 Jake Paul $21. 5 million6+ billion
2Dude Perfect$20 million5 billion
3 DanTDM $18.5 million3.2 billion
4 Jeffree Star$18 million3 billion
5 Markiplier $17.5 million2.7 billion
6 VanossGaming$17 million2.7 billion
7 Jacksepticeye $16 million2.5 billion
8PewDie$7 million3 billion
9 Logan Paul $14.5 million2 billion
10PieSmosh$6.7 million2.4 billion
11BlueXephos$5.7 million3.1 billion
12DisneyCollector$5 million1.6 billion
13BRBluCollection$4.8 million1.4 billion
14JennaMarbles$4.3 million1.4 billion
15TobyGames$4.2 million1.6 billion
16RayWilliamJohnson$4 million2.6 billion
17UberHaxorNova$3.5 million1.1 billion
18RealAnnoyingOrange$3.4 million1.9 billion
19CollegeHumor$3.3 million2.3 billion
20CaptainSparklez$3.2 million1.3 billion
21ERB$2.4 million893 million
21Nigahiga$2.3 million1.7 billion
23BoyceAvenue$2.3 million1.2 billion
24SkyDoesMinecraft$2.3 million1.7 billion
25AdamThomasMoran$2.2 million614 million
26TheFineBros$2.2 million1.4 billion
27Tobuscus$2 million940 million
28TheWillyRex$2 million1 billion

Looks like making money much more simpler and faster than back in old days. If you aspire to become one of them, learn the rules first and be creative as possible. People love positive emotion videos, so help them to improve their life with your skills, and you will be in this list of highest earning youtubers one day soon.

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