How Much Does Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost?

The time we all live in where people could not able to find time for the extracurricular activities and healthy habits. No one have to blame for what we have become, except the tremendous growth of technological evolution day by day. Television, Mobile phone, PlayStation, and our work environment are all made us be a couch potato. The gift of being a couch potato is to have a huge belly on lower body. Improper eating habits and no lead to tummy tuck surgery cost a stress in the body. To prevent or remove it, people pay the high price to get back to their normal body.

The surgical revolution in the medical field proved that by removing the excessive fat or muscles in the body will help us to get back to the flat tummy.  It is very simple procedure with the lot of benefits in it. In a short time span of time, anyone can have a physic like Brad Pitt within couple of weeks. The surgery what I am talking about is popularly known as “Tummy Tuck Surgery”. This procedure will be done by the qualified plastic surgeon and it’s available for men and women who suffer from the excessive abdomen muscles.

So how much does tummy tuck surgery cost? Well, it depends! But before that, we have to understand the benefits of this surgery and the various types available at the present scenario.

What is this surgery all about?

As per the definition of American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the Tummy tuck surgery is a medical procedure for to remove the excess of fat and muscle from the abdomen belly and by strengthening the weakened muscles to create firm look Or Tighten the loosen muscles in the abdomen area.

In some point of time, our human body will start to loosen up and will become saggy and loose.

Here are the few known reasons like,

  • Aging problem
  • People with Heredity issues
  • After the Pregnancy
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Inappropriate dieting

People would go for this surgery, when the gym workouts and weight loss methods doesn’t help anymore.  This procedure also called as Abdominoplasty in Cosmetic Surgery field.

Things you need to check before choosing this surgery?

When it comes to physical change and the wellness of it; you really need to aware of the pre and post impacts of this surgery. So, here are the few basic quick notes for your brain,

  • The surgery result considered as a permanent one. So, there will be some physical change you might see if there any weight loss in the body.
  • Future pregnancies will affect the physical change.
  • It is obviously not a treatment for stretch marks because it’s all about removing the excess part in the body.
  • Are you ready for the out-of-pocket expenses for Medicare?
  • Is there any additional fee included?

These are the few important points should keep in mind when you’re going for the first abdominoplasty.

How do I know if this surgery works or not?

The best thing about this tummy tuck surgery is that its success rate is high as equal to 80%. The patients who have done this surgery have satisfied with their results. The remaining 20% unsatisfied patients because of overweight issue and improper post treatment care. So, the surgery results are depending on the total cost you are ready spent choosing the right surgeon and facilities.

Types and Cost of Tummy Tuck surgery

The surgery expense is not just few hundred dollars; it includes more. Also, it is not okay to reduce the cost with our high-level negotiation skills during your health is at stake.  There are plastic surgeon who can do the better job at low cost with a few limited care options. So, it varies depending on the location.

Here are the essential aspects need to consider while calculating the total cost,

  • Does the patient need Mini or Extended tummy tuck surgery?
  • Surgeon’s experience in the field
  • Advanced technology or methods use
  • Surgery Location
  • Type of anesthesia

This may change according to the type, location and surgeon you choose.

Type of Surgery Surgery definition Recovery time Total Cost
Endoscopic Tummy Tuck  SurgeryThis surgery is known as “Scareless Tummy Tuck Surgery”. Endoscopic surgery is about tightening the muscles, but not removing it. Also, it causes less pain, bruising and less scaring. The procedure is simple and very small incisions will be made.1 – 2 Weeks$3000-5000
Mini Tummy Tuck SurgeryIt is a partial tummy tuck when it compared with the endoscopic method. This procedure mostly preferred by the people has 10% more than their body weight. No long scars, only small incision will be made.2-3 Weeks$4,500-7,000
Traditional Tummy Tuck SurgeryThis procedure is painful and recovery time will be longer. Incision made through hipbone to hipbone to remove too much muscles or fat. People who have high fat would choose this option.2 – 4 Weeks$3000-12000
Extended Tummy Tuck SurgeryThis surgery is very much similar to traditional tummy tuck surgery. Thos who choose this procedure who have excess muscle with too much fat in the hipbone. Incision will be larger and recovery time is long. Permanent scar would be the major disadvantage of this procedure.2 – 4 weeks$7,000-15,500

The above mentioned cost factors are the average cost only; it may not have to be accurate.

Risks Involvement

Bruising, Scar, Swelling, and discomfort are the common symptoms that you can expect from this surgery. Some may affect from the post-surgical complications like blood clotting, infections may delay the healing process.

These complexions can be eliminated if the patient chooses the well-qualified surgeon.

Do I have any alternative?

Few of us may not okay with the incision on our body part, so for those people we have few alternatives, instead of tummy tuck surgery.

  • Liposuction – Body fat will be sucked with the help of a pipe with a small cut in the skin.
  • Regular Exercise
  • Use Skin creams and diet supplements may help to reduce fat
  • Have healthy eating habits

These are some common alternative ways to reduce the excessive muscle and fat.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance agencies or companies would not cover the tummy tuck surgery cost because this procedure has done without any medical reasons. Insurance companies may cover the surgery if it is related to correct the symptoms like hernia or any other long term symptoms.

Additional fees

Whenever you are at the Medical care, you can expect that your bill would not only the whole treatment cost but also come with some additional payment. Those additional costs like Anesthesia, Anesthesiologist fee, and facility cost are mostly billed separately. So, I suggest you can talk with your surgeon about the cost from the start, so no need to panic or worry about the payment at last.


The cost you pay for this surgery would not go in vein if you have made smart decisions like, choosing the well-qualified surgeon, type of surgery for your body and follow the post care procedures properly. The good thing is that, health care industry renewed with the new technologies every day and what is the most worrying thing is our focus on the health become getting lesser day by day. So, be the person wake up on yearly, have an apple with milk as breakfast, play some sports or yoga in the evening and go to sleep early without any worry about the future wellness.


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