“Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past.” ? Jack London

It is a beautiful quote with the lot of reason within it. Getting a tattoo is a much popular thing in all the ages. From our earliest centuries to till today people have been inked their body parts in different colors for various reasons. It all just started with religious cause and rituals, show their pure love to someone and it became to show their inner personality to the outside world. Whatever may the reason, the tattoos are still valued in all over the world.

In an average 25% of the people who tattooed their body, start to think of tattoo removal or cover-up with a new design in a couple of years.

Since, humans are born to make mistakes and learn from it, where tattoos aren’t so exclusive. Tattoos may lose its value if the tattooed person start to regret any unavoidable reason. So, It became a thing and get back your skin back. So, how much does tattoo removal cost?  Well, it depends on the size, placement of tattoo, method of removal and the timeline of it.

Why does anyone wants to remove their tattoo?

Tattoo is the coolest gift ever invented with the high cost and really a painful one, but the time you regret yourself for some reason and trying to remove is highly painful and a costliest one too. It might be your time for to refresh your skin back, in such cases like your past love name, gang related tattoo and  job purposes. According to a study conducted in 2013, 14% of Americans regret to having the tattoo at some point.

There are several reasons behind if someone preferred to remove their tattoo.

  • When your tattoo and your personal image doesn’t gels with it.
  • Your lovable partner don’t think its cool
  • Parents not okay with it
  • Skin darkening or any skin diseases will affect the tattoo design
  • Aging may affect the tattoo
  • Past love tattoos
  • Job purpose, some employers may not allow their employees to have visible tattoos
  • Afraid of judged by other people
  • Religion may the cause of tattoo removal.

These are the few reason which will be the tattooed persons aim to get rid of it entirely.

How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost?

It does matter if you made up your mind to lighten up your skin or removing the tattoo. But it’s better to know little about the tattoo removing process and proceed further. Here are few basic questions which every tattooed person should ask before deciding on a removal process.

  • Do I need to remove the tattoo or just cover up will do?
  • How do I choose a best tattoo removal method and how much does tattoo removal cost?
  • What is the timeline?
  • Would I able bear the pain of tattoo removal?
  • How do I find the best tattoo removal technician / doctor?

These are some important questions you should answer by yourself, or at least you will get an idea about the removal process. So, I would explain these issues as detail as possible.

Tattoo removal Decisions

Removal or Cover-up

It is more important to decide whether you want remove your tattoo completely from the skin or just want to cover up by turning your old tattoo into something a new design. Yes! It’s possible by the great tattoo artists to turn your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend name into a puppy or dragon. But both options will plunge you with a high cost and longer sessions with the doctor. But in the end it will be worthful!

Yes! It’s possible by the great tattoo artists to turn your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend name into a puppy or dragon. But both options will plunge you with a high cost and longer sessions with the doctor. So, no need worry, in the end it will be worthful!

Methods available for tattoo removal

There are few best methods that can able do this tattoo removal job easily. But it varies in the timeline and the cost. Here is below the few know tattoo removal techniques,

  • Cover up Method  – The tattoo will be redesigned into something new.
  • Using of Tattoo removal creams -This may be an easiest way to remove the tattoos by applying this cream. But it is not advisable for most of the time by the experts. Our skin is not designed to be same for everyone, for some it may give allergic reactions to the skin and spoil it completely. So, its timeline will be high and the creams may cost you around from $30 to $350.
  • Excisions Method – Removing of tattoo by surgery is also an another valuable option. But it is mostly depending on the size of the tattoo. Cosmetic dermatologist will remove the tattoo in one session if the size is small, and the timeline will change accordingly. In excision method, per session for the clinic would cost you around $150 to $1000. The major disadvantage of this method is it possible you may get  an infection, Scars, and discoloration.
  • Dermabrasion Method After I had seen this surgery happened to a friend of mine, I felt like its kind of watching punishment from hell. This method is not at all effective as per expert’s opinion, but if it removes tattoo completely still there will be stains. The process will be done by rubbing your skin (tattoo placed) top layer with sand paper. It may cost you around $1000 to $2500.
  • Intense Pulse Light Method – Multiple wavelength of lights passed through your skin until the shades disappear (similar to laser therapy). It is a hard way of removing a tattoo and you may regret in the end. The reason I meant “regret” is for those get bleeding, blistering, ink rejection and scars after the removal and it will affect the skin.
  • Laser Tattoo Removal – A laser beam penetrates the skin and dissolves the tattoo completely. You may see some shades after a session, but it will disappear at some point of time. It is a most effective way to remove the tattoos. The time line per tattoo is very short and affordable one. Laser therapy’s like Q-Switch and YAG’s are highly efficient methods for any tattoo.This procedure may cost from $150 to $300 per session from small to very high size symbols.

The above mentioned methods costs are only average. This will vary according to your location and the money value in your country. The overall cost is not included with the aftercare medicines like anti-allergic cream, ant-infection creams, etc. So, plan ahead to choose the best procedure for your skin.


Tattoo removal timeline is depending on the size and placement of the tattoo as well. It can be removed from 2 to 4 sessions, and it will go like ten sessions of visit to completely gone. There are two options if you are searching for a tattoo removal place in your area. First, doctors or cosmetic dermatologist is a best options to remove your tattoo within their scheduled hours. But the major disadvantage is that it is not easy to get the appointment as per your wish. Second, tattoo removal clinics or Medical spas will do the same job and it will be more accommodating.

Both the removal places has their differences in the timeline and cost wise. So, it is better to visit the place and check out yourself it’s the better for the skin.

Risk involvement in tattoo removal

There will be mild pain at initially, but it would not be a big issue after a while. Because some of the reputed clinics use the numb gels on the removal place. So, it depending on the tattoo removal technician you choose.

Bottom line

Finally, people tattoo their body to show their inner personality to the outside world. It means something from our past centuries, till today and in the future too. Removing a tattoo from your body is become necessary in some unavoidable causes and its should be budgeted properly too. Removal can be painful and costly whatever may the method you do. So, try to think at least few times before getting rid of the ink on the body. Your skins are very precious and it is wrong to be wasted by the impatience in choosing the design, artist or the placement. So, take your time and get inked wisely!!

People may lie for good or bad reasons, but tattoos never lie!  So, It shouldn’t have to be true, but if you observe closely, then you will find some truth within it. So, it’s better to get your tattoo right at the first time!

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