The cost for the job of painting a car can differ spectacularly from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Costs differ over the place and might vary based on the sort of paint used, the quality of the job, the number of layers needed and the size of the car. An array of costs is available as per the nature and quality of the paint job.

To help you find out how much does it cost to paint a car, take a look at the following:

The Car Painting Process

Based on the quality of the work done, the procedure will usually start by washing the car. This will get rid of the mud, dust particles, and any other unwanted tiny particles from the surface of the car and make it easier to paint.

The former paint will then be sandpapered and the service department might fix some of the patchy

cost-to-paint-a-carscratches and surfaces.

Later on that, the windows and chromes will be covered up or in case if it’s a high end job they might be entirely took out.

Once the planning and preparation for painting the car is done, the colorless undercoats will be applied to help the paint last longer. It is then that the coating of the paint will begin with spray guns. This will be pursued after applying a protective layer which is usually transparent.

Some of the low end places won’t follow all these paces and some of the high end peculiar shops will do much more than that.

Cost of Materials

There are several materials and equipments used for painting a car. The basic price to concentrate on is the price of car paint, the price of the clear coatings, and the cost of the primer. These can lay you back from around $200 for the lowest quality and over $6,000 for top quality products.

However, the average cost required to done a decent paint job for a car ranges between $1,000 and $1,500.

Every car needs a different type of paint and this is even affected by the metallic characteristics of the car, type of patterns, shades, and finish.

Based on your requirements and your budget, you may need to use one of the following most popularly used kind of car paints:

Enamel Paint

Enamel paints are harder than lacquer pants because of how they form into a tough layer however they are not as simple to apply. Most enamel colors pose to need a two-step process where a vivid top layer is applied in addition to the paint.

However, there are some enamel paints that just needs a single stage process. Regular cost for a gallon of enamel car paints is roughly $50.

Acrylic Lacquer

Maybe the cheapest choice you’ll have is the acrylic lacquer paint. It is so simple to apply though it chips easily. You may need to apply frequent coats because of the chipping and since they are not chemical repellent. They might cost around $30 to $40 for a gallon.

Urethane-Based Paints

This paint features qualities that come down between acrylic lacquer and enamel paints. They can be easily applied and are as tough as enamel paints. However, urethane-based paints need to be used with three other materials for a neat finish, namely a catalyst, a reducer, and the color. They cost around $70 to $90 for a gallon.

Water-Based Paints

Water-based paints are comparatively latest in the market though earning very much popularity. They are the most versatile auto paints since they could be applied over the existing paint work, on primer, and on metal. Nevertheless, there are not several color options still and they are more expensive at about $120 for a gallon.

Labor Costs

You could get a garage that rips $300 or less on labor for painting a car. Nevertheless, the paint job will most probably be uneven and sloppy, and preparation will be lacking.

For a decent paint work, most mid-range garages will charge around $1,500 to $3,000 for labor. The labor charges are also influenced by level of preparation, quality of work, size of the car, and the need for body work.


Total Expenses

The total expenses for painting a car will be determined by cost of materials and labor. It might range from just a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Low-End Prices

There are several national chains strands that offer price as minimum as $200 for painting a typical-sized car.

Regular service includes cleaning the surface of the car to remove old paint and dirt, masking areas which need not be painted, and offering a heat-cured finish. They usually offer a one year warranty.

Mid-Range Prices

Using nice materials and more concerned preparation and finishing, a mid-range vehicle painting can cost around $1,000 to $5,000. It might even include interior painting and areas close to the engine having re-painted. Usual warranties range from 2-5 years though could be more.

High-End Prices

High end car paint-work cast around $4,000 to $10,000 though they might even near up to $80,000 for highly nailed down services. Paint used in this type of services may cost even around hundreds of dollars for a quart.

The preparation in these types of works includes entire removal of mirrors, windows, bumpers, and headlights before sanding commences. Wet-sanding and buffing is also made after the paint job is done. High end works typically come along with a life-time guarantee.

D-I-Y Costs

You can considerably slash the painting costs of your car by doing it yourself. But you have to know that the job is involving, could take very long, and might need a significant investment in equipments.

For example, you’ll require buying spray guns which do cost around $200 to $800. Sanding equipments will also cost around $50 to $200.

The good news is that you can select your material and so you can choose to minimize your carbon footprint and use more eco-friendly products.


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