Tired of the same look on your wheels? Is the color of your car several seasons ago? Do you want a new change or simply just a color to suit your mood? Or the color simply just wore off and made your car look ancient? Well, the answer to that is simply to have it painted again.

If you decide to have your car re-painted, you should be able to know the ins and outs of a painting job first so that you will be able to choose the right paint, know the estimated cost and expect the appropriate time frame for the paint job to finish before you can use your newly painted car.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car

Painting a car is not an easy job. It requires proper detail and careful planning to ensure a good and high quality finish. The cost of a painting job for a car can be attributed to two factors and these are the work preparation and the paint quality.

You cannot just bring your car to the shop and paint it with your desired color. There are certain things to do first before they actually put on the paint on your car. It should be sanded from top to bottom to make the surface smooth. If your car has any dents, dings or scratches, these are mended before they re-paint. After which, they will cover areas such as mirrors, windows, door handles, lights, among others, to guarantee that these areas will not be painted in accident or have splashes of paint. This covering of car areas is what they call masking. However, higher quality shops usually remove the trims for a better output, instead of just masking them. All of these prep works are very time consuming and needs proper detailing so that the finish product will be of high quality and good looking.

These prep works might be one of the reason as to why some paint jobs are expensive compared to others. If you go to an expensive paint shop, they will surely give you the best quality paint job and they are very keen about these prep details. A medium quality shop may provide you with a so-so service but with a bit lesser price. The choice of shop will still depend on you and on how you want your car to look right after.

As I mentioned earlier, another factor about cost of painting a car depends on the quality of paint. High-quality paint may be more expensive to its other counterparts but it surely last longer and will have a longer fading time compared to the less expensive ones. When you are in a painting shop, you should ask them on the quality of paint that they are using and if you have a certain preference for a brand of paint, you can request it to them to use it if it’s within the budget.


How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car?

With these factors in mind, we can now wonder how much is it to paint a car. The prices vary from as low as $ 300 to $ 20,000 depending on the car’s brand, model and condition. The difference between the two prices is really huge, isn’t it? Let us discuss these prices further so that we can better understand as to why the prices are like these.

A basic paint job may range from $ 400 to $ 900. It includes an enamel paint with few coatings just to refresh your car’s appearance. In this price range, they just usually paint the exterior and doesn’t include painting the insides of the hood and some other hidden areas.


If you have a higher budget that you can spend $ 1,000 to $ 2,500 for a paint job, then you will have a greater and better quality result. Within this price range, the paint shop usually uses a high-quality and branded paint. Your pay will also include such as sanding and removing dents or rusts. This is a premium paint job and they will also add the base coat clear coat offering plus a glossy finish to your car. Usually with this price, paint shops are not masking the sensitive areas but rather, they remove the trims and just re-install them afterwards.

Given that you really have that budget and can spend more than the average just for your car to look great and cool, then the best and show-room quality auto paint job can cost you $ 2,500 to $ 20,000. The prep works are very intensive and every single detail are taken into consideration with this amount. Your car will receive the best of the best when it comes to priming, sanding and repairs. They will also use the highest quality automotive paint with a number of layered coats to ensure that it will not fade easily.

Now that we have discussed the cost estimates for your car, let us know how long does it take to paint a car. Just like the cost of car painting, the time of a painting job will also differ. For basic painting jobs, this may require a week or two to be ready. For premium job paints, this will usually take 2-3 weeks because of the details of sanding and trimming. However, the showroom quality job may take longer than you expected because they assess every small detail and thoroughly check on everything, hence, it will take a month or even more for this kind of painting job to finish.

These different amounts and different time frames will help you decide on which car painting job suits your need best. There are a lot of painting shops available and you can go and check on them. Some may offer promos and discounts depending on seasons and availabilities. Your resources and time is also an important tool in choosing the right painting job for you. For example, if your car is really a necessity and you have no spare car but you want a showroom quality paint job, then you might have to take public transportation for a month or so while your car is in the shop. Or if you are living in a sunny environment and the heat keeps on making your car color fade within a few months or years but with a limited budget, then you might consider having a premium job instead of the basic one. You should think carefully before you decide for the painting job and whatever it is that you decide, it will definitely make your car look better than it is now.


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