Becoming a parent rarely comes with free of expenses; the physical and monetary wise expenses are unavoidable even if you do have the right insurance coverage. We are living in the era where everything comes with the cost. And needless to say even pregnancies too. The kind of cost to deliver your baby, bring him or her up until they are matured enough to earn, is unimaginable & never goes without challenge.

Not all couples are healthy enough to produce a baby. Few might have physical issues, which makes them infertile to generate their offspring. And at such times, couples often prefer adopting a baby but this isn’t as easy as it sounds. You got to follow all the laws and procedures. The overall adoption process differs and depends on the adopting mode you choose.

Before reading more about the types and adoption modes, some of us might be curious to know how much does it cost to adopt a child and it is not going to be easy for me to put it in single table column. It needs more legal explanations for the future parent to be understood.

To put it in simple words, adopting a child means, you will be getting the full rights on a child, so he can be the part of the family and carry your name. When you adopt a child, you are changing the status of a child in the society.

As Wikipedia quotes

Adoption is a process whereby a person assumes the parenting of another, usually a child, from that person’s biological or legal parent or parents, and, in so doing, permanently transfers all rights and responsibilities, along with affiliation, from the biological parent or parents.

It would not be easy, when you are going to make a life changing decision for both of you. You need to spend some more time on planning and gathering the information which will give the right path to adoption. Whether you choose to go through adoption service agency, foster care or independent adoption, this all depends on the couple who are ready to adopt.

Here is the basic flow chart of how the adoption process works,

Decision to adopt? 

Choosing International or domestic adoption ?

Select the adoption service provider / Agency?

Obtain home study and approval from agency or state government? 

Found or matched with a child and brought to the home

I hope this article will give you the better facts about the type and modes of adoption, so that you can make a well-informed decision on your each step from searching the agency to home care for the baby.

There are few reasons, if a couple wants to adopt a child

  • Infertility
  • Inability of couples to bear a child
  • Same sex couple who wants a child

Usually, adoption procedures will differ depending on the state or country you live in and wish to adopt. For example, laws and legal procedures would not be same if you are living in New York and wish to adopt a baby in Texas. Similarly, a couple who lives in the United States and trying to adopt a baby in the UK (United Kingdom) needs to follow the both laws. It might take more time until you get approved by the state or country adoption officials.


As mentioned earlier, depends on the location you live in, the adoption legal processes would change.

The adoption can be categorized in two modes, and each has their final costs differences.

  • Native / Domestic adoption:

Child or newborn you wish to adopt should belong to the same county you lives in. Here, the cost to adopt a baby ranges on an average of $2,500 – $40,000. This can be divided into two more segments  (

  • Intrastate Adoption – The couples who want to adopt and birth parents are residing in the same location.
  • Interstate Adoption –Where both adoptive and birth parents are residing in a different state.

Total Adoption in US on 2013

us adoption

Total Adoption by age groups on 2013

how much does it cost to adopt

International Adoption:

International adoption or Adopting a child from out of your country requires following the foreign country laws on adoption. The cost of the international adoption from newborn to the aged or matured child will not be the same as in domestic adoption. In estimation, an average cost of adopting a baby from another county would be from $15,000 – $35,000.

You can recognize from the below stats that international adoption has been increased drastically over each year

Total Adoption in the year of 2013

adopt a child

Adoption based on Age groups (%) in 2013


Average Cost of Adopting a Child

Cost Factors

Domestic AdoptionInternational Adoption
Agency Fee
– Application form
– Home study cost
– Additional costs
   $1000 – $5000  $10,000 -$40,000
Attorney fee  $3000 – $10000

         $8000 -$15000

Advertising fee         $1,000  $1000 – $5000
Birth parent expenses
– Medical bills
– Living expenses
– Legal representation
– Consultations fee
$10000 – $25000

$10000 – $25000

Travel  fee$500 – $1000

$2000 – $15000

Types of Adoption

Below are the three types of adoption processes which are commonly used.

  • Private Adoption Services Agency
  • Public Adoption agency / Foster care
  • Independent Adoption – Closed or Open Adoption

But before that, one major choice has to be made to move forward with the adoption process without any struggle. It is how to choose the right adoption agency or lawyer for the right cost.

How To Choose An Adoption Agency:

how much does it cost to adopt

Most people would never dream to buy a car without comparison. Choosing a private adoption agency also follows the same. It requires your basic research and networking skills to choose the right adoption agency that fulfill your dream of adopting a baby. So, never rule out any possibilities by asking lots of questions while choosing it.

The better way to see and evaluate an agency is to visit in person. Make sure you ask about their adoption support and service levels. Few agencies would have their informational consultations meeting on a monthly basis; you can attend and witness their performance level. So, don’t hesitate to ask questions, because having a clear idea of them will help you make better and informed decisions.

Here is the list of basic information everyone must know while choosing any particular adoption agency.

  1. Are they licensed by the state or central government?
  2. The way they handle the financial supports for legal aspects, planning travel, etc.
  3. Try people in your network and gather information about the agency.
  4. Know about the various fee structures system.
  5. Think about the red flags (additional costs) that might appear in the future.

Private Adoption Service Agency:

This whole adoption process would be taken care by the licensed adoption agency. It starts with home study till post supervision care. The adoption process takes place after the mutual agreement between both adoptive and birth parents.

In this way of adoption are less risky but often comes with a great price too (average of $8000 to 45,000).

However, the prices are high or low; you must do the background checks about their history before you decide. One important thing is, you might not need an adoption attorney, unless if you are proceeding with non-licensed agency.

The major cost factors which are involved here are,

  • Cost of birth parent counsel
  • Home study preparation for an adoptive parent
  • Child birth expenses
  • Post placement supervision cost
  • Agency cost

Public Adoption Agency / Foster Care

These agencies can be found from your telephone book under the “Department of social services” or “Department of public welfare”. It states that law on foster care adoption and its legal systems will vary on each state in a country you want to adopt. You can call to the state regional office and inquire their legal procedures that you need to be prepared.

In common, the public agency would allow adoption services for the child who mostly needs special physical and emotional needs. And they are funded by the state or country subsidies and taxes.

Adopting from a public agency can be done with free of cost or with the modest legal fee (average of $2500).

The major cost involvement here is,

  • Mandatory legal fees
  • Travel fee
  • Attorney fee
  • Child medical treatments

Independent Adoption – Open & Closed Adoption

Independent adoption can be arranged through adoptive agency or by the attorney you choose. Open adoption would take place when the foster parent would know all the health and family background information about the birth parents. Where Closed adoption both adoptive and birth parent will never know any information about each other.

The cost of independent adoption ranges from $7000 to $30000 and the major cost involved in,

  • Agency or Attorney fee
  • Court costs
  • Travel fee
  • Child medical treatments

 Benefits of Adoption:

Adoption can be costly, but the benefits of emotional satisfaction you will be getting by inviting a child to your family is an amazing journey to enter into a new world. Hopes will be high and the child will carry your name proudly to his or her rest of the life.  Here are some beneficial facts for the adoptive parents.

  1. Joy of welcoming and adding a child to your family
  2. Opportunity to fulfill a child’s dream
  3. Bonding relationship with the birth parents
  4. Child can experience the love from both adoptive and birth parents.
  5. Parent who adopts a child in foster care is likely to be eligible for monthly financial subsidy by the government.
  6. For example, if you are a parent who adopted a child in Florida, as per the state law the child will be eligible for free of tuition fee at any Florida state collage.
  7. Some states will allow tax credit for adoptive parents.
  8. Various adoption community supports

To summarize these facts, it doesn’t matter how much does it cost to adopt a child when the couple is ready to give their never ending love to the new child. Life is going to be beautiful when those tiny little fingers of your baby touch your cheeks without any expectation, except love! So, make sure you will create the world where all his or her dreams will come true. Enjoy the parental journey throughout the rest of your life.

The Parenthood requires only love, not DNA!!!

Here are some useful websites that gives you lots of specific information about the adoption:


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