Innovation is the tool that pushed us from cave living to colonize to the moon. Every step that we take, future welcomes with the hope and challenges. History of the medical field evolved so fast and we humans are part of the era where humans are trying to be God. Stem cell research, DNA decoding, Genetic engineering, cloning and more of this are the path to our new future.  However, these innovations are impossible without the tools like X-RAY, MRI scan, ECG and other medical tools.

MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a machine, which will create images of your body parts in the black and white picture with the help of magnetic fields and radio waves. By using this tool, we can detect the deviations in the body functions, infections, tumors, and injuries.

Why Does It cost So Darn Much?

How Much Does an MRI Scan Cost

In an average, a single MRI scan can is expensive without any insurance. However, why does is it cost so much? Here is the brief explanation of why this medical diagnostic procedure is so costly.

From medium level, medical center to the high-level medical care centers does have their MRI machine in a separate suite room. The machine is large and made up of Magnet, radio waves, scanner, Gradient coils and few other technical parts. It is a bit complex to understand how the machine does the operation.

Magnetic resonance imaging devices are used to scan the human body to diagnose any physical problems. These MRI scanners produced by few primary health care producers in the world and each specializes in their own way of making the state of the art MRI machines. It is a tough competition when it comes to medical care products sale, so in the case of MRI machines too.

Currently both low priced MRI scanners and the high-end cost machines are available in the market. It is obvious that according the market price the device size and performance would differ a lot.  The lower end machines would have the capacity of 0.2 to 0.3 T (Tesla), and the higher or strongest field position would be the 3 Teslas machines (where Tesla is a magnetic field scaling unit). Some may go for used lower field or lower end MRI scanners, which will cost around $150k to $1.2 million. The high-end medical care facilities would go for the new one always, which is expensive with the state of the art performance.

Now, let’s come to the maintenance part, as well know the cost of the machine is high, and it needs a well-protected place with high maintenance.  Every high-end medical care centers would have this “MRI Suite” separately for MRI machine.  This suite room would protect both inside-outs from spreading of magnetic field radio waves.  Also, there are some tools necessary for patient support while scanning. So, this all would cost around $3 million to $5 million.

So, How Much Does an MRI Scan Cost?

Since, we all are not doctors and its bit complicated to understand their procedures; it is a common emotion to get shocked after we got the medical bills. We are not sure that the cost of medicine could be less, but may not on the bill? Moreover, how much does an MRI scan cost? It may be simple diagnostic procedure, but you cannot expect the cost lesser bill.

Magnetic resonance imaging machine is a state of the art machine that will show the truth about your physical changes without any pain. If you ever go to a medical center for any internal problems like injury, the first thing that a doctor would say to go for MRI scan. Other than the medicinal cost, MRI is going to be an important part of your medical bill. Cost of MRI scan is depending on the type of a medical center or the doctor you choose, and the body part (e.g. Brian, Chest & Abdominal) which you want to take MRI scan.

Here is the average cost list (lowest to highest) for the few major parts of the human body,





The average cost of MRI scan would be from $200 to $500 per scan. This may go up depending upon the location you live in. Here is the link  that can help patients to find the accredited medical centers in your area.

The bar chart below will explain the cost difference between the types of scan in various states.

How Much Does an MRI Scan Cost

From the above picture, you might get an idea that every state has their difference in the MRI cost. It starts from $500 to till $3500.

Additional costs:

The medical industry is booming with the competition, which pushed up the cost per person for medical care is so high. Many of us do not aware of the extra cost included in your final bill. So, here is the additional fees that come with the MRI,

  • Radiologist fee
  • Contrast dyes
  • Patient Support medicines

These additional costs all included with your final bill and there may possibilities for the negation if you are good at negotiation skill. Some contrast dyes have been found to be harmful to the patients and cause negative health impacts. Gadolinium lawsuits are being pursued by those who were affected.

Cost of MRI Scan With or Without Insurance

Life is unpredictable; we are not sure what is going to happen tomorrow. So, health needs to be protected from the unpredictable health problems.  So, how much does MRI cost without insurance? Well, if you are already an insurance bearer, then MRI scan cost would be covered by your insurance. However, it will not be the same case for those who do not have the insurance, and it will be the full amount. So, it is better to be prepared if you ever can’t able to see the future clearly.

The above-mentioned costs would differ depending on the hospital or medical center you in. One final word, do not forget to check your medical bills whenever it straightly handed to you, because there is no surprise if you ever found any mistake in the total cost or additionally added things. So, be careful!

Moreover, it is always better to choose the right things for your health at first, and then plan to save your wallet next.

So, it is time for you to do some pre-plan for the future you. Do not struggle at the emergency time for not planning ahead or making stupid decisions. Always carry out the financial decisions with research and facts, so you will appreciate yourself for the smart financial decisions you made for every second of your life.


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