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How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

A child need mother’s protection throughout his or her life, as well as a house, needs the strong roof to protect family from the hard rain, fast wind, furious fire, and in wet snow. More than 50% of the building cost involved in installing the roof at the top. In all the way, a roof shows the completeness of a house. It empowers the beauty, size and value of the house or building.

Since, we all are living the busy life, where there no one got time for maintenance or inspection our house regularly. It would be hectic and broadly affect your budget, when your faulted roof started leaking water. So, it is better to have a scheduled maintenance and repair it on the yearly basis.

Most people want to know how much does a new roof cost. Even if you don’t wish to change the roof to new, but only want refresh the thing a bit, then how much does roof replacement cost? Obviously, it is not going to be a simple answer, when your fat bucks are going play the significant role here. So, let’s be reasonable and assume that this cost I have mentioned below is only an average amount based on current roofing market, so it doesn’t have to be an approximate one.

It’s Time To Change

Preplanning is everything; It will be too late to plan to change your faulted or old roof at winter or flood timings. You don’t want to live in a house where there is no roof to protect. It would just take simple observation skills to find out if your house roof needs a change or replacement. National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) suggest that the building owner or the roofing contractors must inspect the building roof at least twice a year. Also, it doesn’t mean that you need to change the whole roof if you found any single scratch on it.

To understand the problem in your roof, here are the top ten signs that will tell you if you really need change the roof.

  1. Find out if the roof top is sagging, because that would be unsafe for your family.
  2. Signs like flashing, blistering and algae growth or rotting are means that it is time to act quickly.
  3. Water leakage is a major problem.
  4. It is time to think about the re-roofing if you find any dark marks and trails on the roof.
  5. Because of the improper roof fixing or fewer quality materials, the outside air or light can pass into an inside of the house.
  6. If any missing shingles or torn parts.
  7. Excessive volume of shingle granules in the gutter.
  8. Moisture, mold, bacteria and rot can be a big impact on the roof faultiness.
  9. Gutters without water free flow or with open drains would lead to algae formation.
  10. Also, it would be a bigger problem if you had any vent holes in your bathroom, kitchen or dryer. This would affect your floor and spread to the roof too.

Do look for these signs on half yearly basis and make sure it will not grow into a big time headache for you and your family. Try to act quickly if you found the problem is broad, since most of these problems are popularly known issues, and it can be resolved through our tool handling skills.

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

Smart people think twice before deciding to go for a new roof installment. Since, buying a new roof is a big investment and time requirement is high. Also, depending on your investment the quality of the materials used would differ.

Before we get into the answer for how much does a new roof cost per square foot for a house? We should make it clear about what are all the roof system components that are involved in this whole process,

  • Roof covering materials like shingles, tile, slate and underlayment.
  • Sheathing materials
  • Rafters and trusses for the roof Structure
  • Flashing materials to join the roof structures
  • Drainage system

Here everything costs as per the quality of the material.

How Do I Choose The Best Roof For My Home?

Cost, durability is the main factors to be considered while choosing a new roof. On next to the line is architectural style and esthetics come under the same category.  Depending on the size of the house and the budget, you can go for one of these roof types for your house,

Asphalt Shingle: (107 per Sq.ft – $58 – $130)

This is one of the most preferable roof forms by U.S market. It is made of organic or fiberglass reinforced materials. It is a leading roof type in the current scenario and most preferred by the residents of CA, MA, PA, and Ohio. The roofs are classified into three ranks. Where the class A is high fire resistant roof, B and C are the less fire resistant materials. So, the choice is yours to choose the best,


  • Easy to install
  • Variety of colors
  • Proper fit for most of the residents
  • Repairing is easy
  • High fire resistant


  • Less durability
  • Regular maintenance needed
  • Environmental friendly

Wood shingles/Shakes: (107 per Sq.ft – $324-$410)

Typically, it is made of natural cedar, pine, redwoods. These wood shingles roofs are machine sawn, and handmade shakes will give tougher look for the house.  In the present current roofing market, wood shingles have C class ratings comparing with the other roof types, because of its low fire resistance and low durability level. However, there are few wood shingles has the A class rating that are all treated for fire stress test at the roof factories.


  • Totally natural materials
  • Prevents heat transferring inside of the house


  • High manpower needed for installation
  • Less durability
  • Low fire resistant
  • Regular maintenance needed

Tile Roof: (107 per Sq.ft – $212-$268)

The tiles are made up of terracotta or slate, which is handmade. Additionally, concrete and plastic for more to be weather resistant.  It is distinctive and has more durable capacity. You can see this tile roofing system in some of the western countries like Spain. One of the major advantages in the tile roofing is that you can able to choose the color, shape, and design of the tile. However, the total installation cost might go high if the customization of yours is something new or more complex.


  • Fashionable
  • High durability
  • Best insulation


  • Installation time
  • Heavy

These are the top three roof types are the most preferable with regards to the cost. In additional, metal roofs are durable and easy to install. However, the major disadvantage is high heat absorbent.

TypeSizeCost of the Roof
Asphalt shingle roof1,700-2,100 sq.ft$1,700-$8,500
Wood shingles/shakes$6,700-$20,000
Tile / Slate Roof$8,000-$21,000
Metal Roof$5,100-$22,100
Roofing with synthetic slate tiles$11,800-$18,900

How To Choose a Affordable Roof Contractor?

Right person for the right job, is a commonly referred business phrase that most of us might hear. Similar case in roofing, it is always better to go for the professionals. The professional roof contractors can manage your cost as fair as possible and give you the best quality roof. NRCA also suggest that, a good roof contractor would provide the quality service for the fair price. Here are the few guidelines that will help you to choose the best roof contractor for your house.

  1. Check the contractor’s business identity from office location to till previous customer complaints.
  2. Proofing License, Liability coverage, and workers compensation certification. It is a smart thing to be careful that you shouldn’t be liable for workplace accidents happen.
  3. Ask for companies’ financial information.
  4. Gather information about the projects has already done by the roofing company
  5. Get the detail total cost of the project. Check whether any additional costs will be added in the future.
  6. Know about their quality control procedures throughout the project
  7. Google about customer complaints or feedback
  8. Check warranties and after service level
  9. Don’t let low-cost bidder fool you with their substandard work.
  10. It is all about Plan it well and not to rush on pouring your significant investment into a well.

Guide For Do It Yourself:

If you think that these are high cost for a roof and why should I have to hire the professionals, instead why should I have to do it myself. Well! There is no restriction on not do it yourself, so if you can able spend time and good with the tools, then you are ready to go. Before that here are few tips that you should check out for,

  1. Prepare a checklist
  2. Make sure the workplace is always clean
  3. Organize it well; it will save much time for searching tools
  4. Restrict children to touch any work tools or play nearby the workplaces
  5. Make sure that all power lines are switched off
  6. Remove all wall hanging items in the house
  7. Cover plants / shrubs with tarps.
  8. Park the car(s) outside of the garage in some distance from the house
  9. These are the necessary preparation that you need to do before stepping up to the roof.


  1. Tear off the old roof and check whether if there any massive damage on the corners.
  2. Choose the best roof deck system and install for better coverage of the house.
  3. If already you know or did not, find out the most vulnerable areas that have any leaking problem and seal with the leak barrier.
  4. To have wind resistance house roof and protect from the speedy uplifts, install starter strip shingles at all corners.
  5. Have the proper shingle nailing and recheck those points again.
  6. Install the shingles properly.
  7. Make sure all the ventilation areas are covered and only the necessary areas are left out.
  8. These steps may look simple, but it would take more time to accomplish by yourself. Also, be patient while following these steps, if you need to know more check this video.

Finally, it is an uncertain world, and the environment is changing day by day, and you and your family can get the best protection from anywhere in the world it is your home. So, plan your expenses wisely and make sure that your sweet home is built with the trust and quality that will last forever.

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