First I’m glad to know that you are pregnant! Pregnancy is such an important thing in a woman’s life. Want to know how weeks pregnant you are? Just read this article to know “How many weeks pregnant am I?”

Symptoms of Pregnancy:

There are many possible signs for pregnancy is there. However, most of the woman will experience only a few of the symptoms. Each and every woman may experience different types of pregnancy symptoms. These symptoms will start appearing when a woman gets pregnant. Some of the common symptoms of pregnancy are,

  • An earliest symptom of pregnancy is missed period.
  • Excessive urination during the night times.
  • Some women may tend to feel the morning sickness. Not only at the morning, but can be experienced at any time of the day.
  • Food cravings are most commonly seen on the earlier days of pregnancy.

How many weeks pregnant am I? – know yourself:

How Many Weeks Pregnant Am I

Pregnancy symptoms at 2 weeks

Many symptoms are there that clues to the 2 weeks of pregnancy and it are not very difficult to find those. Only you have to listen carefully to the changes of your body. The first symptom that indicates the 2 weeks pregnant is that your period will not occur on the expected date. But this alone cannot determine that you are pregnant, as variation in the period cycle length may seem to occur commonly. Sometimes implantation can also result in bleeding. But it occurs only for a shorter period making women to miss the early sign of being pregnant.

Pregnancy symptoms at 3 weeks

The pregnancy period is calculated based on the menstrual cycles. A gynecologist calculates the pregnancy from the day 1 of the last menstrual cycle. When the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus, an extreme change in hormones will occur. However, the exact date of the ovulation cannot be known, it is assumed that you have a 28 day menstrual cycle in which ovulation occurs on day 14. According to this, you are already 4 weeks pregnant when you miss your first period.


Avoid ultra-sound scans during pregnant as it can affect the growth of the baby. And if it is necessary, make the time to minimum.

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