Every day there are more online platforms for fundraising open to all NGOs or social companies that need to request donations or raising money for charity to finance their social intervention projects. There are so many that sometimes it is difficult to establish an order or hierarchy to decide which one to use or not.

If you want to enter the world of online fundraising, these are some terms you absolutely must know:

  • Crowd funding  (crowd, crowd, and funding, from the English): it is a collective financing process, in which a group of people collects a sum of money together to finance a project
  • Fundraiser: the person in charge of raising funds for a cause or initiative.

There are also various crowd funding models:

  1. Reward: is a type of collection in which the donor receives a reward in return, which can consist of a gadget or public recognition
  2. Donation: a type of fundraising used by non-profit organizations that aims to finance non-profit initiatives
  3. Lending: in this case, we are talking about microloans to people or companies to carry out a project
  4. Equity: in exchange for the money paid, the lender can become a full member of the company
  5. Civic: Indicates a fundraiser organized by the municipal authorities for the realization of public works and improvement of collective spaces.
  6. Hybrids: Indicates a collection based simultaneously on more models than those listed above.

The fundraising is an English expression translated simply fundraiser. The fundraising has its origins in the activities of non-profit organizations, those organizations that have an obligation not to allocate their profits to shareholders, but to re-invest in the development of its social purpose. Currently, fundraising is also practiced by public bodies and services.

Here are some online donation sites that take advantage of social networks and the multitude of users on the web to help projects of non-profit associations.

Here’s How Charities Can Raise Money Through Online Platforms

How Charities Can Raise Money Through Online
  • Funditaly – Funditaly is the first cooperative crowd funding platform. Our goal aims at a renewed and heartfelt collaboration among people, developing a new way of supporting common causes through the internet. Through modern crowd funding, we want to support young dreamers, tenacious adults, associations, and bodies always on the move. We do it thanks to the contribution of so many donors who can look beyond the single project, who also make small sums available to everyone because only together we can redeem ourselves and hope for a better future.
  • Eppela – The main Italian crowd funding platform, reward-based, for creative, start-ups or just the curious. Share an idea, make it a crowd funding project and give it great visibility so that it can be financed: this is Eppela, a meeting point between those who want to realize their own “business” and the support of the communities.
  • Gift Network – Supporters of an ONP can contribute by opening a fundraising page, inviting their friends to donate or making a donation for the cause they believe.
  • Starteed – Starteed is a crowd company that develops solutions in the crowd funding and co-creation market intending to provide customized technological infrastructures and specialized services for those who want to create more effective and transparent financial models.
  • GINGER – GINGER is a crowd funding site for Emilia Romagna. Crowd funding is a financing method that starts from the bottom up and allows supporting ideas and projects thanks to the contributions of the crowd. It is no longer necessary to ask so much for a few but for many! GINGER will allow individuals, associations, companies and public administrations to publish their own project on the platform and to carry out a crowdfunding campaign aimed at financing the brilliant idea.

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