Valentine’s Day is approaching and one of the hardest task for every guy is how to make it perfect for your girlfriend! If it’s an important day for your partner, then it ought to be important to you as well. And since most guys hesitate to plan something for this particular day, we wanna give some great ideas to impress your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day.

Great Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day

1. Romantic Treasure Hunt


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Surprise your significant other with a romantic treasure hunt that leads to you and a great romantic night. Evoke the fire, by taking her on a mysterious yet romantic journey.

You need to use your imagination to set the treasure hunt. To get you started: Set a romantic dinner and place the first clue under her plate, send a romantic email to her inbox prior in the morning with a clue to your location that night, use the help of a friend or delivery service to get her the first hint, or you can just stick it to the windshield of her car.

2. Write your heart out


Take a sheet and write your heart out about how you feel about her. Ask for help in editing, but not composing, if needed. Work on it. Improve it. If you feel so oblique, make it into a poem. If you feel so oblique, put it into music. Now, to make it an adorable gift, write it up on an expensive handmade card.

Any women will love a guy who is creative and will appreciate your effort in making her feel happy and special.

3. Make her a Mixtape


A mixtape of her favorite music will be one of the best Valentine’s gifts for your girlfriend, which will express how much you know her and your love towards her. To make a great mixtape, it need to be lengthy and have many tracks, and it should prove that you know very well about her taste in music.

You could make a CD or mixtape out of it, or simply put it into her iPod playlist.

4. Say it through a Billboard


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This could be a little expensive. Contact an advertising agency and set up a billboard that has your personal Valentine’s Day wishes for her next to her workplace or on the road that she usually takes to reach her work. Sure she’ll find it interesting and it’ll make her feel proud among her colleagues and friends.

5. Make her a Digital Memory Book


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You and your lady should have taken a lot of pictures together and posted it on various social media networks like Facebook, Instagram etc. Pick up the most romantic photos or the most special ones and put them into a digital photo book. Add some text describing the most special memories you had together and some feel good music to the background to make it even more romantic.

6. Candlelight Breakfast (because Candlelight Dinners are too mainstream!)


Yes, candlelight dinner is always a romantic thing to do. But it’s so predictable and usual too. So why not candlelight breakfast for a change. She’ll love it even more when it has all her favorite food items!

7. Valentine’s Day Love Coupons


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Give your love of life the gift of handmade Valentine’s Day love coupons. Think well and make a list of affordable things your girlfriend would love (a weekend getaway, a massage, a movie night, etc.) and write them on small handmade love coupons she can redeem whenever she wants.

8. Bring back the “Sexting”


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Probably you and your girlfriend are doing that “sexting” thing anymore, if you’re in relationship for a couple of years. You may even forget the existence of such thing. Surprise your girlfriend by sending her horny texts when she’s away and see her response. She would be delighted to see how crazy you are towards and can help you have a great night with her.

Surprise her even more by setting up the bedroom for a romantic night by lighting some candles, playing her favorite romantic music when she reaches your place. Thank me later!

9. Buy her a Puppy/Kitten


This one is a most usual thing, but is also a sure-fire way to impress your significant other on this special day. Surprise her by gifting her a puppy or kitten or even a lizard (whatever she wants to have).

10. Become her personal Masseur


A backrub or a foot massage after having a long day at home with chores or at work place can make a great impression on your special someone. And if you can spare some time during a weekend, spend a few hours running your hands all over her body and given her a sensual, romantic massage that she never forgets.

11. Fulfill her Secret Desire


Is there something that your girlfriend really desire? Something they always wanted to have, but don’t actually bother to pick it up? On this day of Love, visit the store, have it gift wrapped and give it to her unexpectedly. Gifting something your girl has always wanted to have is really thoughtful and caring, all together.

12. Surprise her with your Singing Talents


Take her to a bar and surprise your love by getting on the stage and singing her all-time favorite love song. Just don’t forget to look at the priceless reaction on her face.

13. Surprise by doing her chores


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By this, I don’t mean doing something very simple like carrying her groceries from the car, but something that involves your time and effort – like cooking the entire meals on a weekend, or cleaning the whole place.

14. Movie Night


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Guys, for most of you, this one is going to be a trauma. But if she actually wants to go watch How to be Single (or whatever), take her. Only a real man can sit through a chick flick without hitting the roof!

15. Recreate your First Date!


You can setup a fake blind date. Agree to meet each other at some location both of you haven’t visited in the past, and try to have a second first date. To get you started: you both can introduce yourselves all over again, try to have conversation on new topics, and specifically, carry on like you are meeting the significant other for the first time. Again, the effort alone will provide the essential spark.

16. Valentine’s Day Cocktails


This one works well if your girl loves to drink! What do you expect in a Valentine’s Day cocktail? The only thing that actually matters is that your girl should love it. A romantic name or a purple, pink or red can add enthusiasm to the drink. So can rich, luscious flavors such as chocolate or coffee.

You can find some interesting and unique Valentine’s Day special cocktail recipes here.

17. Game Night


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This one is for those girls who crave sports. If your girl is one among those sports nuts, then you can surprise her with a couples tickets to her favorite game.

Simply place the tickets under her dinner plate or stick them on to the windshield of her car. Then, watch her buzzing on cloud nine! She sure will never forget this one in her life and will praise you among all his friends/co-workers.

18. Make the Bed


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Do this if you want to have a great time with your girlfriend in bed! Make the bed before she reaches home from work, like spreading rose petals on the bed, lightning scented candles, playing soft music, etc. She’d be surprised to see you waiting on the bed with all those wonderful arrangements. She would be willing to do anything for you in bed. Voila!

19. Send flowers to her work place


Unfortunately your girl has to work on the special day of your love life and you have no idea how to impress her. Here’s a way: send her favorite flowers to her at work. This will not only help in winning her heart but also to impress her co-workers. It really will put a big smile on her face for the whole day!

20. Rooftop Dinner


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Are you searching for a romantic yet unique dinner idea? Well, nothing can be better than a lovely rooftop dinner adorned with fairy lights. And if you can’t find a roof, a balcony or a backyard too could do just better for the event as far as you use lights or candles to make the situation feel more romantic and over-the-top.

Tantric Sex


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Sex is just as essential as love for all couples. And no other sexual act can beat the intimacy Tantric sex can bring to your love life. If both of you could spend a couple hours of alone time, lock yourselves inside the bedroom and make your minds to get high in sex that could result in tears if ecstasy! You’ll remember me for this one 🙂


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