Android market had shifted gears lately and making extraordinary apps for kids to educate, innovate and have fun with their android phone. Surprisingly, android market has more than 3k apps for free download and they have listed these apps in the category for kids. You can get these exciting apps in android market. Though you have plenty to download, download junk apps would be no use. Therefore, a list of best free android apps for kids is shorted out by, just in case to direct you to the right path.

These apps are developed with awesome user interface just to make it convincing for kids. Look into the apps and read the features and concept and figure out the best that suits your children.

Free Android Apps For Kids: For Learning And Innovating Kids

These android apps for kids are developed to initiate the toddlers to get some innovation on their learning. For children in the modern era these apps initiate the crucial start up in their learning through fun. Below is the list of free kids apps specially designed for learning.

Toddler & Baby Animated Puzzle


This free app for kids is designed to boost the essential earlier skill developments. This interactive app will be loved by both toddlers and parents alike. This app is perfect to entertain kids and helps them to learn and research.

Features of this app-

  • Let’s play: smash the drum with the simple tap to play game and wind jack on the box.
  • Let’s Eat: The animals preferred food will be revealed on contact and it’s good for eye-hand coordination.

Features of purchased app-

  • Let’s go: Kids could travel with animal characters on vehicles.
  • Animal sound: Helps them to develop their language skills.

Memory Game


This game is to improve the concentration and memory power of your kids, in addition it is a free app specially developed for kids. It is a card puzzle game. This free app for kids will be helpful for their crucial skill developing.


A to Z for Kids

A to Z for Kids

A to Z is a free android app for kids which will be useful to explore the knowledge of the toddlers. This app is filled with fun and excitement for the toddlers and helps them to learn the alphabets with some interactive features. It also includes some useful features like spotting the birds and animals and recognizing the sound of animals and much more.

Princess Scratch For Kids Free


This exclusive free android app for kids concludes three games in one! The princess scratch allows your kids to discover awesome images simply by scratch covering colors. The toddlers would love to color the images more than 40 in this app. Nevertheless, fun and innovation is the theme of this game.

Educational Games for Kids


This free kid’s app allows the toddlers to learn and have fun on their skill grooming stage. Awesomely, this is package of 12 games in one. The kids could learn the profession by making the matches. Solving maze, organizing the animals with their sound, guessing the sound of musical instruments, solving puzzles with cool images and music are the noticing feature of this game.

Download this free android app for kids HERE.

Learn English Kids: Videos


This cool android app for kids is collection of more than 300 video clips accumulated together. This allows the kids to practice their language in native environment. This free app engages the kids by allowing them to create small animals and much more. This app is featured with ABC songs, number practicing, coloring, fruit identification etc.

Animal Puzzle for Toddlers Kid

Animal Puzzle for Toddlers kid

Accumulated with interesting 15 puzzles this free android app is an exclusive invitation for fun and learning for kids. It is not over with toddler level kids up to 9 years are invited to play. Not to mention, you can also try this “its fun”. Furnished with difficulty levels, colorful animals, exciting sound this is a package your kids would adore.

Download this free android app for kids HERE.

Math for kids

Math for Kids

Mathematics is one of the huge problems kids face in their childhood, make it simple and fun with this creative and interactive free app. This kids app is app is totally free and their no need for subscription, internet access or anything. Simply download this app on your android device and give’em to play. This app will help them to have the essential start they require in math.

Download this free android app for kids HERE.

Math Training for Kids


Math training for kids is another exciting app for kids to play with and learn with. Math training is Interactive platform to learn and adapt math in their life. With three levels and interactive images your kid will have fun with math.

Download this free android app for kids HERE.

Educational magazine for kids

Educational magazine for kids

This free magazine allows the kids to perform certain tasks for fun, and makes them exciting to carry out the next. This android app contains creative and interesting task for kids with eye grabbing images to pull it all together. This educational magazine will be useful to develop imagination, logical thinking, attention, communication and memory.

Download the free android app for kids HERE.

Well! these are the top rated free android apps for kids which is also developed in the purpose to educate kids to be a better human being. Feel free to review the games and suggest some more to make it better for kids.


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