If you’re trying to update the windows for a new version or for some important updates from Microsoft, you might encounter the error code 80004005 on your computer. Plus, people who are using latest windows device could also encounter the POP3 WP8- Error Code 80004005. Here we have drawn the solutions for these problems plus the reason behind this error 80004005.

Here is registered query from a windows user:

“The recent update of Win7 X64 for KB 2729094 has failed repeatedly with Error Code 80004005.  I recently had a partial hard drive failure in my system drive (C:).  The system became unstable so I installed a new hard drive and did a sector by sector copy of my hard drive to the new hard drive.  The OS seems to work fine and other updates were subsequently installed without issue.   I don’t know if the disk failure is related but thought I should mention it.

The 094 update installed without error on 8/15 but was downloaded again on 10/10 and did not install.  It has installed properly on several of my other machines but not on this one.  I would appreciate any guidance on how to get this update installed or to repair the installation of the Segoe font that is addressed.  Note that the manual download and install failed also.

Any suggestions?”

Solution for Error Code 80004005

If you’re having a POP Email on WP8 then follow these steps to revert it to normal.

To begin the aggregation of POP3 Mail you’ve to setup your Microsoft account. By this way you might need to setup a separate account for your phone. You’d have to sync your phone with your windows computer. In addition, you’d be benefited with the customer service from Outlook.com.

In order to aggregate you’ve to do the following.

Go to outlook.com and sign in with your Microsoft account. Make sure that this is the same ID you use with the windows phone.

  • Check out the email setting and then click the more mailing settings.
  • Look for the sending/receiving email from other accounts.
  • Then click on Add an Email Account and enter the server information of POP3 and SMTP.
  • In case if you need more assistance then read setup your email accounts with outlook.com.

Solution for Error Code 80004005: Windows Update Error

If you’re having problems with windows update then consider the following steps to help you out.

  • Install the Configuration Manager Service Pack 1(SP1) Microsoft system center 2012 for primary site server.
  • You can use the Install Application Task which includes sequence steps to install applications. You have to install by using the Install Application by considering dynamic variable list setting.
  • Create a deployment for sequence and then deploy the sequence for target collection of folder.

If this task sequence fails then the problem might be due to Smsts.log file. This may be reason for your Error Code 80004005.

The windows have provided an automated tool to fix the problem. You can use the HotFix to solve your problem.

Solution for Error Code 80004005: Unspecified Error

Before we carry the necessary steps to fix this problem on your windows, you’d have to uninstall the capture devices previously installed which is not needed on your windows.

To uninstall these program go to Control Panel-> uninstall programs-> *capture devices*. This will complete remove the device and this capture device will no longer have the impact on your device.

After you’ve cleaned your computer go for reboot and then check whether the problem is reverted or not.

And if you still have the problem on your computer then follow these steps to figure a solution for the error.

  • Go to start-> Run-> type “msconfig”
  • A pop up will appear with a list of software applications that are concurrently appearing on your computer.
  • The entire list of program is necessary for the proper performance of your system, check them and clean up the unnecessary applications.
  • Before we proceed to next step, makes sure that you timing setting is picture perfect, if not then set the exact calendar date and time on your windows.
  • As you can see there is more on to it, and not a specific piece code is causing the error, therefore disable the application that are running in the back ground of the windows.
  • Afterwards you should clean up the temp file that may be the issue, for that you can clean up with the CC Cleaner.
  • Then reboot your computer.

Then check where you problem is solved. If you’re good with these steps, then know the reason for this error code 80004005.

The reason for error code 80004005                                                      

1. The antivirus could block certain updates assuming that the update is unreliable.

2. The error could be caused by denied permission, system conflict, VB script, etc.

3. The corrupted temporary files running in the background could be reason.

If you have any other alternate methods to solve this problem, comment below. If you need further assistance go to support.microsft.com.

We think this video might be helpful, watch and follow the instructions to fix your windows.


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