When you get an error 0x80040154 on your computer, it may be of two reasons, one of the reasons could be an outlook configuration error and the other reason could be a missing ATL70.dll file on your windows. Let us look into each of the problems and know hey you’re getting this Error code 0x80040154 and get the solution right away to keep things on track.

Error 0x80040154 due to outlook overloading

Obviously, Microsoft Outlook tends to be one of the most widely used email client. As you can manage all your email account on a single place, you may over load the outlook with the consistent accumulating of the data. When it is overloaded you may encounter an error 0x80040154 while trying to run an outlook. The registered problem for this fatal error is the defect in the configuration and setup of the outlook.

Here, we have drawn some of the reliable solution to fix your windows/computer.

Firstly, let’s do things manually and try to resolve this problem in the old fashioned way. Follow these steps to help yourself with the error 0x80040154.

– Click Start and go to run and type “RegSvr32 Inetcomm.dll” (copy and paste).

– This is an automated roll back which would help the problem if it is minor or the intellcomm.dll became unregistered. As it was then you’re pretty good with this step. Then you should restart your computer in “Safe Mode with Networking” (this will run only the necessary drivers). And press F8 before your windows load the pop up’s.

– Then try opening your outlook and check whether it is working normally as before.

– If you’re problem is resolved with this step the virus embedded could be culprit corrupting your outlook. If you’ve installed any new software, try uninstalling them and reboot your computer.

– Most important thing is that make sure that your antivirus is up to date. If you don’t have one try to find a best antivirus program that can keep your windows free from spywares, malware and Trojans etc.

In case if these steps doesn’t solve your issue there is always a way to solve anything, nevertheless, we have one too. Proceed further to get another way to solve your problem. Try these steps and to resolve your error 0x80040154.

– Try this alternate method and see whether it is beneficial for you. Remove your current outlook profile and be sure that took the back of the emails folders and setting before you to do so. Once the back is alright do the following steps.

– Go to Start-> Control Panel -> Mail-> Profiles. 

– Here you can either remove the current profile or add a new outlook profile and make it us default.

– As of the old profile encountered error 0x80040154, before you import all your personal files, you can test the new profile with some new id’s to make sure that this work properly. Once it is confirmed, then you can import all the files through setting.

– If that too generate the same error then use the system repair in Control Panel-> Add/Remove-> Outlook-> Uninstall/Repair.

– Then a dialog box will be asking repair/uninstall.

– Go through the repair process and then try using the outlook.

If these methods also lead you down, then you have to uninstall and install the outlook again to make this turned around. Note: that uninstalling process will not delete all your personal folders (thanks to the default). This is a notifying factor in outlook which will help you to retain all the email folders. It would be wise if you delete the trace of the outlook before you install the new outlook to manage all your accounts at once. Go to “C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\” to delete the trace.

Hopefully, this method will work as the outlook is starting things all over again.

Plus, Try to fix the ATL70.dll file as specified in the support.microsoft.com. This might resolve the problem with your windows.

Comment if this method works for you and you can also suggest some alternate manual methods if any.

Before you get frustrated in fixing your windows, here is an automated tool that might help you with this problem.

Warning: Make sure that you tried the previous manual methods before diving into the automated tools.

Try this automated tool from wisefixer.com that might help you to overcome the problem on the basis of subscription. This might help your computer to fix the error 0x80040154.

Reason for Error 0x80040154

The primary problem for this error is ought to be the corrupted files in outlook program anyway. By means of fixing those errors you can fix the problem in windows.

If this problem arises you can help either through manual methods or by using an automated tool.

For more assistance you what this video.


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