Having a logo is very important for the valuation of your company or product, but creating a professional logo is often very hard to do. In this tutorial, we will discover together software that allows you to build it, quickly but very well a logo of professional quality and that even if you do not have skills in design!

Logos are essential for businesses, websites, products or marketing campaigns. Having a logo is crucial because it contributes to the visibility and credibility of your brand or product. A logo must be in line with the philosophy of the project; it must be easy to interpret but also attractive in terms of its design.

This is what drives companies to use someone who has the technical skills to make a logo that reflects the image and even the seriousness of a company. But what to do when you can not afford a professional ”  designer “?

The solution to this can be to use the DesignEvo software and quickly make a logo worthy of the name, and it is directly on the web with your browser or by downloading an application for your PC or a smartphone application.

Easy way to create a professional logo with DesignEvo

Several online services allow you to create logos, but DesignEvo stands out with a wide range of templates and sources of inspiration that you can use to achieve your goals.

designevo logo maker

Another advantage of DesignEvo is that you can either create directly on your web browser a quality logo, or download an application free or paid for your PC or even an application for your Mobile, is not it wonderful?

If you have a logo in mind that you want to create, you can count on the services of DesignEvo to put your ideas on digital paper but that means a small amount.

How much does it cost to create a logo?

A logo at DesignEvo can cost less than 50 euros if you want your logo to be realized by their epic of graphic designers.

However, you can create your own free logo with the free or trial version of the application or even by purchasing a Basic Version license that costs $ 24.99 or by buying the Plus Version license that you will cost $ 49.99.

designevo logo maker

The free version allows you to create a logo in low and high resolution up to 500 pixels and only in JPG and PNG format. The most significant disadvantage is that you only have a very limited number of possible changes to the logo.

With the basic version, you can go up to 5000px resolution as well as a transparent version of the logo in PNG. The Basic version also gives you the right to unlimited changes as well as a print-ready version of the logo and technical support for life.

The Plus version gives you access to the basic version as well as the SVG and PDF vector formats that do not require resizing to change their size. Another big difference between the Plus version and the Basic version is the fact that you will have the copyright on your logo but still you will have to download the font used.

For more information, please visit DesignEvo’s official website and their price offer.

How does DesignEvo work?

The operation of DesignEvo is fundamental and well thought out, and everything is based on pages that would generally be considered as layers in software like Photoshop, for example.

1. First, select a logo template. Once logged in, click on ” Make A Free Logo ” on the home page to access the template screen.

2. Next, select the model from the left menu. The number of models is 6,000 or more. Although you can find the model you need by opening a category that matches your company or website, there is a search engine that can search for the template of your choice more efficiently by entering keywords.

3. After selecting the templates, you will be taken to the editing screen. You can replace the text with your own logo or slogan name and change the font, icon or shape. Find more on Easy way to create a professional logo.

  • The design of the template contains text from the beginning, but you can add another text. When you click ” Add Company Name ” or ” Add Slogan ” in the left menu, a new text object is inserted. Just click and enter your own words. In the edit menu that appears around the selected text, you can change the font type, size, color, spacing, outline, and so on. There are around 100 types of fonts for choices, add icons, and shapes.
  • It is also possible to add originality by adding new icons and new shapes to the original drawing.
  • Just click on the “Icon” and “Shape” tabs in the left menu and select the materials of your choice.
  • You can search for millions of icons by entering keywords in the search field. When you find a favorite icon, click on it to add it to your logo.
  • You can select shapes for each type, such as Badge, Line, Symbol, and Banner. You do not need to search by keywords.
  • If you are going to create a simple logo composed only of text, you can delete other additional elements. Each item in the edit screen can be deleted by pressing the Delete key or the Backspace key on the keyboard.
  • To change the position of the elements on the logo, click on each of them on the editing screen and move it to any position using the mouse or the arrows on the keyboard.
  • You can download your own logo from ” Download ” in the upper right corner of the screen on your device. It only takes a few minutes when the workload is over.
  • When you use the logo created with DesignEvo for free, it is necessary to give them credit in a specified way. If you have an account on a social network, share DesignEvo with this account. If you do not have a social network account to share, you can paste the DesignEvo link on the appropriate page of your website or blog.

That’s all you have your logo, and I dare to believe that it has not taken you more than 20 minutes and if so, be aware that the time will be reduced as you become familiar with the DesignEvo interface.


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