The perfect definition for digital image processing is that the use of special computer algorithms which is performed on digital images in image process. In other words, use of some computer algorithms to perform image processing on certain digital images. The digital signal processing is termed as the subcategory of digital image processing. Plus, digital image process has many advantages over analog image processing. This method allows the developer to apply various algorithms on the digital images and deduce the errors like signal distortion and noise built up.

Let us see the detailed view about the digital image processing.

The image processing is process in which a two dimensional image is treated as an input and the specified output image is obtained by setting some parameters over the two dimensional input image. The modern image processing is referred to the domains where the string of binary digits defines the color of each pixel in a digital domain. On the whole, many of the methods used in the digital image processing are similar to the analog image processing and even optical images.

The main course of the digital image processing is derived form from the signal processing. This includes many geometric transformations such us image reduction, enlargement, rotation etc. nevertheless, it is possible to change the colors took part in the image through adjusting the contrast (either by enhancing or deduction), also can be completely changed into a different color palette in accordance with the specific mapping system.

Tin digital image processing the composition and interpolation of images are more interested, which composition is the frequently conducted operation is the merging of multiple images. The standard technique is estimating the pixels that are missing in an image and to figure out the color of the nearest pixel. In order to do some sophisticated techniques many critical algorithms may have to apply to find out the missing image pixels. This is usually obtained by factoring the surrounding colors and getting an assumption of the missing pixels.

In addition, the techniques to align the images in system are simple and straight. The segmentation tends take part in the processes like decomposition of images that is splitting the image into smaller parts based on the quality in common like light intensity or color etc.

The digital imaging processing system also allows modifying the dynamic range of the pictures through the combining process which would have light exposure variation. In digital processing of image there are some of the difficult techniques are flybys and morphology.

Morphology in Digital Image Processing

The morphs techniques take part in decomposing and re-emerging of the images in completely different appearance. This is similar to the portrait in which the is a constant change in the subject.

Flybys in Digital Image Processing

Flybys involves in the re-creation of the two-dimensional images into three-dimension images by rotating the image around its core. The important phenomena of the image processing are the recognition and categorization of the image in accordance with the outline and color of the image. In fact, the software is trained to do object recognition based on these two factors.

The authorities are intrigue in facial recognition technique, to do the same objective. However, the image processing is performed in the Matlab commonly. This environment allows the binary string input for manipulation with the pre-defined commands. Nevertheless, for sophisticated and complex application there exists a much more powerful tool.

Application of Digital Image Processing

1. There are many client applications for image processing, and one of the popular applications is the photoshop. Many of you have used the photoshop to edit, crop, red eye, discarding the unwanted areas and much more. This application allows the user to modify the images through graphical user interface.


2. Perhaps the most popular application of the digital image processing is the security surveillance applications. The authorities are allowed to stream the videos through surveillance cameras in work place or public area. However, it is not possible to track all the suspicious behavior manually. The higher authorities like police and intelligence have some sophisticated technologies which is able to zoom closely to watch and analysis the suspect behavior. Usually, the alert is triggered by the sounds and the packages presences for some protracted amount of time or through the clustering of the people.

The image processing mechanism allows the authorities to identify the suspect with the comparison done through the video surveillance. There are many successful occurrence in the case in which a primary suspect can be identified in huge crowds. The video surveillance is of the common and popular terminologies used by police and other intelligence.


3. Yet another successful and useful application of the digital image processing is the medicine field. The images processing is concerned with the detection of tumors, fractured areas and aberrations of blood vessels. The raw images generations are allowed by the techniques like magnetic resonance and computer tomography. In the period prior to the image processing these raw images are obtained by expert practitioners who had some misery in this practice. Hence the image processing came into play to make the context much more easier, and allows the automation of the study from which the sources are identified. The malignancy sources are identified efficiently.

This process allows the doctor to perform a well executed surgery by studying the insertions and incisions in the maze of human body. In addition, they allow the planning and setting up of various procedures involved in the treatments like blast radiations on the mild tumors through the complete information about the target tumor and the things that have to left untouched which is provided by the image processing system.


4. Another area of significance is the image transmission through the remote stationary like satellite transmission.  Though we have redundant data about the surface of the planet, yet we have to use the image processing technology to penetrate into the intrigue areas for deeper study. Such techniques had paved the results for the scientists and allowed them to judge the atmospheric and soil characteristics and the presence of craters etc.


Go through this tutorial to find out more about digital image processing. The image processing mechanisms are growing in an astonishing pace. To hope with it you should have regular interaction with lessons and tutorials. If you are looking for some courses in digital image processing there is a pile of resources and course across the internet. Make sure you’d have chosen the best learning center to pursue you course over the media or in direct classes.  Here is a start up place where you could know about the image formation and other things about digital image processing.

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