People always have special someone in their lives. From the day we are born, we become precious to our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts. As we grow, we become more acquainted to the people around us. Some of those people eventually become our friends and often, we spend time with them. We share toys and food to each other. Aside from our friends, what matters most to us is our family. They have been with us since we were born. Our family is the one who takes care of our needs and helps us when we have troubles. They gave us advice when we needed it most and be with us all the time.

No one can compare the love that our family, especially our parents, has given to us. However, as their child, we would have felt shy to say I love you to people whom we love. Although, we know in ourselves that we appreciate them, we just can’t find ways to show them that they are loved. But now, these words have turned out to be so common that you wish you had a unique way to express it. So, today, we tell you 19 different ways to say I Love You to someone you really care for.

Learn Something About Love

“I love you” is composed of seven letters and three words. But when it is said to a person, it conveys a thousand feelings. We know that it is better to show our love to people, who are special to us by our actions. However, there will come a time when we need to tell those three words to them, face-to-face.

different ways to say I Love You to someone

I love you cannot be only said to our boyfriends or girlfriends. We can also say those beautiful three words to our family and friends. Why would we even feel shy about saying “I love you” to our friends and family? There are even times that we say “I Love You” to our partners three or more times a day, as if we are just eating our meals. But why can’t we do the same thing to our family and friends?

As we grow old, we come to think about the important aspects of our life. Is saying I Love You to our loved ones enough for them to feel that they are appreciated? The answer is no! Because, if they can’t feel your sincerity, then that would be meaningless.

We know that saying I Love You is really hard to tell especially to our most treasured people. It takes a lot of courage, effort and sincerity to convey our feelings to them. Romantic, friendly and familial love is the different kinds of love. Although, they are the same in the sense of the word “love” but they are expressed in different intensity. The romantic love that we show to our romantic partners is different from the love that we feel towards our family and friends. These kinds of love cannot be compared to each other nor measured.

3 Different Types of Love

  1. Familial Love – a special kind of love that we feel towards our family and relatives.
  2. Friendly Love – a kind of love that we feel for our friends or people who are close to us except our family and romantic partners. Those friends can either be male or female.
  3. Romantic Love – it is a kind of love that we feel for our romance partners.

7 Kinds of Love

  1. Agape (The Unconditional Love) – It is the love that God has for us. Agape is also called as the love for humanity.
  2. Storge (Family Love) – It is a love towards our family and relatives such as our parents, son or daughter, grandparents, uncle, aunt and our cousins.
  3. Pragma (Love that Endures) – A kind of love between married couples that develops as time passes by. The kind of love that endures in health and sickness, in pain and happiness. A love with care towards a friend who is suffering from pain or illness.
  4. Philautia (Self Respect) – A kind of love that we give to ourselves. It is neither vanity nor narcissism. But we need to love ourselves first in order for us to learn how to love others.
  5. Philia (Experience Shared) – It is the love we feel for people whom we share the same life goals and to those who strive hard. A love towards our co-workers.
  6. Ludus (Playful and Flirting Affection) – The kind of feeling that we test out to know what it feels like to have a crush or to be in love. It is a fluttery kind of feeling but it is somewhat a dangerous feeling too.
  7. Eros (Erotic and Romantic Love) – This kind of love starts from attraction and romance which turns into other kinds of feelings such as pragma. Eros is the kind of love that can lead us to “trouble” of falling madly inlove.

19 Different Ways To Say I Love You

These kinds of love may differ from each other based on the people to whom you give your love to. But it is still a feeling that, sometimes, we need to control at some important moments of our life. Not all the time we can show or say our feelings. We need to consider their mood or feelings first because it might ruin the atmosphere. Especially for boys who are expressing their feelings to the girl they are courting.

different ways to say I Love You to someone

That is why we need to learn how to convey our feelings through our actions. Here are some memorable, romantic and other ways to say i love you without mentioning the three words:

1. Share an uninterrupted eye contact for five minutes

It may be creepy but at least you can make your partner blush. It will definitely be a sight that you will love to see.

2. Watch a sunrise or sunset together

you can do this together with your family, or partners. Sharing this special time with your loved ones will greatly help in developing the bond you have with them. I’m sure that it will be a worthy memory to remember afterwards.

3. Call your parents any time of the day

This action will let your parents feel that you are thinking about them. While calling, don’t forget to thank them for all the love they have given you and for the sacrifices that they have done for you. You might not be saying I love you to them directly but you let them feel that you love them.

4. Read a book aloud together

This will create a quality time for the both of you. It also helps to widen the knowledge of each other. In that way, both of you learn something together. This is one of the unique ways to say i love you to your special one.

5. Have a free day

Setting up a free day will help you focus on your family or partner. It is not necessarily that the both of you need to go out on a date. But at least, spend a whole day with your loved ones. You can either do a home date; prepare a dinner with a background music to which the both of you can dance. This is one of the different ways to say I Love You to someone you cared for.

6. Be elegant and giving at times

Dressing up and putting a make-up can somewhat tell that you love your partner because you are taking care of yourself. Also, dress nicely and meet a friend to have lunch or dinner together. Treat a friend to a salon to pamper yourselves and shop together will surely deepen the friendship you have with them.

7. Surprise him or her

Throwing a surprise with or without occasion will let your loved ones, especially your partner that you remember and think of them. This gesture might not be as clear as saying I Love You personally. But, it is definitely a best way to tell that you love them very much.

8. Set up a perfect date on your anniversary

At first, you may pretend that you have forgotten about it. But little did your partner know that you are already setting up a beautiful date for him/her. You can either do it on a beach, at the center of an ice skating rink or in a garden. Once you have already brought your partner to the place, give her the flowers that she loves the most together with mellow background music or that PS game that he is dying to have. I am sure that your partner will love it and he/she will fall in love with you again and again.

9. Visit the place where the both of you first met

Revisiting the place will help the both of you reminisce the reason why you are together. Both of you will remember the happy moments, the problems that you have overcome, the things both of you learned ever since you got together and talk about the good future that lies ahead for the both of you.

19 Different Ways to say I Love You Without Using The 3 Words

10. Make a hand-made gift and card on Valentine’s Day

Giving and receiving a gift on special days especially on Valentine’s Day is truly wonderful. Think of something that is quite unique as a gift that is useful to your partner. And also make a greeting card which is full of love. This gesture is sweet and creative.

11. Transform yourself to become a Grocery Fairy

It will be the most useful gift ever. Surprise your friend/family/partners with a bag full of grocery, and fresh fruits and vegetables. They will surely feel great and loved because you remembered them.

12. Write a letter

When it comes to different ways to say I Love You, letters have a special role. Letters should not be only given or sent to people who are far from us. Others give letter to someone because there of a special occasion. There is no right time when letters should be given. You can give it any time at the right place. The letter should contain the things that you want to say to your partner like how you love your partner so much and why you love him or her. You should pour out all your feelings to that letter so that your partner can feel what you feel and your sincerity. Letters, even as simple as a thank you note, can also be given to friends and family members.

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13. Sing and dedicate a song to your beloved

When hanging out with your partner, it will be possible that that you might bump into one of the karaoke booths. You can stop for a while and sing a song to your partner. Dedicate the song to him or her by saying how special he or she is to you. And of course, this is in public. This could be one of the most unforgettable moments for the both of you.

14. Movie marathon

Plan a night together with your loved ones and watch movies for the whole night. You can either watch your family’s all time-favorite movies, or your partner’s. Make sure to have the popcorn and drinks ready for you to enjoy the movies more together with love.

15. Remember Little Details

You can say I love you by preparing a breakfast. It may either be a breakfast in bed, or a meal before they leave for work. Call them in the middle of the day and tell them not to forget their meals. Since there is a possibility that they might be busy, you can bring food at their workplaces. Your efforts will surely be appreciated.

16. Support your partner/family/friends

When they have troubles at something, help them. Support them in whatever decisions they will make because trusting them is the best way to tell that you love them.

17. Listen

When you are in a relationship or married, you talk all the time. But, sometimes we fail to listen to our partner. Listen to whatever your partner says or points out and vice versa. Because both of your opinions are important. Make your partner feel that you are giving them your attention. This will make the both of you have an intimate and happy relationship.

18. Public Display of Affection (PDA)

Displaying affection to your partner in public such as holding hands is not bad. In fact, this will make your partner feel that you are proud to have him/her.

19. Sacrifices

Love is not just about hearts and flowers. There will come a time that your relationship will be tested on how much you love each other. Pure love is hard to find nowadays. It would be like giving up something just for your love to become happy. In short, your partner’s needs first before yours are the clearest way to tell that you love them.


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