Online tutoring apps are gaining customers in Tier II, Tier III regions as well along with its vast success in urban cities. Though it was a debatable topic when it was introduced first in the market a couple of years ago, it has gained popularity and trust among several students and parents worldwide and gradually increasing at a steady rate in the education field. Tutor apps not only benefits students but also provides the chance to a well-qualified tutor. Online Tutor Apps offer a flexible option to students across worldwide.

Disadvantages Of Local Tuition Center

  • Local tuition center still exists in some areas, and it is more like an extended school classroom regarding the strength of the pupil. When compared to the Online Tutor method, local tuition center is expensive as they require the students to pay a deposit amount to offset the notice period.
  • Commuting to the tuition center is a costly affair especially if the center is situated at quite a far distance from the student’s home. There will not be any individual attention given to the students, and the tutors will not have time to repeat the concepts to the students as well.
  • They will provide the material and expect the students to repeat the steps in math and other subjects. There will not be any room for creativity to try new ideas. Choosing your tutor based on the credentials is not possible in local tuition center, in many cases we will not even know what their qualifications are.
  • They are non-refundable. In the tuition center, the teacher, will mentor the students at a moderate speed and will not slow down for an individual. Thus, for a slow learner, this kind of environment will further add stress to him.
  • External noises, peer student’s interactions and within the tuition center staff ‘s conversations, will make the student difficult to concentrate on the subject. The materials will be a standard version of the syllabus, and it will not be a well-researched subject wise paper.
  • No flexibility in schedules and even if it is inconvenient timing, all the students should adhere to the fixed timings. Students may tend to skip classes in unpredictable weather conditions or unwell. However, there will not be any classes retaken for a single student.

Advantages Of Online Tutor Apps

  • Online Tutor Apps has the option of customized learning method. Some will be a slow learner, or some will have learning disabilities. The tutor apps will carefully curate a list of tutors who are well versed in the subject, as well as a special educator to teach special needs kids.
  • One-one interaction is one of the main advantages of why parents and students are opting for online tutor apps. It helps to concentrate on the individual with zero distraction. Also, it gives a space for the student to build a rapport system with the tutor. This compatibility goes a long way for a productive result.
  • Exciting material which is either created by the tutor or got from various white papers/research material relevant to the subjects gives a different perception in understanding the concept.
  • In the Online tutoring method, the whole teaching process revolves according to the student’s availability. If a student struggles in one module, the tutor pauses from proceeding to the next module until he understands the concepts thoroughly and the tutor also tweaks into different teaching method like more of a practical illustrations model. There will not be any pressure or rush put upon the student.
  • Saves commuting time and also saves the energy of the student after a long day at school.
  • Online Tutor also helps in completing the tough assignments and homework. They will only guide the school assignments and encourage the students to come up with different ideas in approaching the assignments.
  • Additional resources are shared by the tutor to the students to gain a global knowledge about the subject. For instance, keeping the students update about the cutting-edge technologies and briefly guiding on them like Raspberry Pi and how it is implemented in day to day usage.

Thus, find a tutor app accordingly to your preference and enroll to get the many benefits of the online tutor apps.


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