Pampering your girlfriend to make her feel special can go a long way. However, to make her feel special, your feelings must be honest and not made up. There are some guys who usually due to their tongue-tied nature are unable to express their true feelings. But with a little homework and smartness, you can surprise your girl in a wonderful way with some sweet notes that can make her heart throb with pleasure. The following article discusses some 10 cute things to say to your girlfriend that can make your girl cry with joy.

Before you advance to take the following 10 initiatives as discussed below, some precautions should be taken to avoid serious blunders and disappointments.

Be Romantic: Being romantic is one of the most important parts. Accompany your message with gifts, chocolates, or flowers.

Be Sensitive: Be sensitive enough to express the words with real intention.

Choose The Right Timing: You just don’t want to say those special words to your girl amidst busy traffic or a chaotic marketplace. Be careful enough to crack those words when the time and situation are ripe for it.

10 Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend


I Can’t Stop Thinking About You.

It is one of the 10 cute things to say to your girlfriend that would make her fly in the sky. When saying it, make sure your facial expression makes complete justice with the spoken words. Don’t just say it like some by heart poem. It must express the depth of your feelings and the longing you feel each time you think of her. It should let her know instantly that how much she is missed and needed. You can also add some other words along with it to make it more realistic and true, like, “what have you done to me?”, kind of stuff.

You Turn Me On So Much.

Saying the above line with the most sincere look in your eyes accompanied by a warm husky voice would become your girl crazy with excitement. It might be one of the 10 cute things to say to your girlfriend that can prove to be the best compliment you can ever give to your girl. You can bring a little more excitement with mentions like “when” or for “what reason.” For example, you can add up some words and complete the line saying “you turn me on so much when you wear that sexy dress” or “you turn me on so much when I talk to you during night time” to motivate her even more.

You Bring Alive The Man In Me.

This line is one of the 10 cute things to say to your girlfriend, as this asserts your girl that she is an important part of your life as your woman. It also acknowledges her femininity and makes herself proud as your girl.

I Am The Luckiest!!! Man To Have You In My Life.

This line can make anyone jump with joy, and your girlfriend would be no different. One of the 10 cute things to say to your girlfriend, this line is a must say if you want to make a big impression on her. This line would make her feel appreciated and loved and also give her a feel good factor in knowing how much she means to you. So with no fear, use it whenever it suits you. But make sure, you don’t make it monotonous, using it too often, so as to lose the charm of it.

You Drive Me So Crazy! (In A Positive Way)

Words delivered in the right voice and tone. This line would mean that your ladylove sweeps you off your feet and you are crazy about her love. That, it is because of her, you feel alive and loved. So, if you mean that to you girlfriend, you should proudly go and say it to her. She would only love you for that.

You’re Simply Adorable!

It is one of the 10 cute things to say to your girlfriend. Truly adorable, this line would melt your girlfriend’s heart in no time. Every woman loves to fell adorable, if someone says it right in front of her with a real heart, that person becomes the winner of the day. Be sure to use it at the right time or at a time when she has done something nice to you, and to compliment that you can use the above cute line.

You Make Me Feel!!! Like The Happiest Person On Earth!

This line is definite one of the 10 cute things to say to your girlfriend as it would set her on cloud nine with inexplicable joy. Say it out loud when you both are having an excellent time together or when your girlfriend has made you truly happy with something.

Why Are You So Sweet?

This super simple one liner would give your girl the blush of a cherry. This heart-melting line should be expressed with earnest feeling accompanied with a warm sweet voice. This little line of sweet reminder from time to time would make her feel appreciated and loved.

God Has Made You Just Perfect!

This line is an assurance that makes a huge impression and is one of the 10 cute things to say to your girlfriend. It gives her feeling that she as your girl is a perfect fit and you like a couple of rock.

Come On, Stop Being So Cute!

This one line with its cuteness is one of the 10 cute things to say to your girlfriend. With this line, you are both complimenting as well as teasing her in the sweetest manner.

Affection is like food. Therefore, do not overfeed you love with affection as it can hurt sometimes. However, do not shy away from expressing your feelings as intimacy and communication blooms a relationship and carries it to last a very long time.


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