Almost half of population in the world now owns a smart phone. Many of them are belongs to an android family. In a short time android reaches several thousands of houses. The primary reason behinds the success of android is its app availability. The Google play store contains numerous numbers of app collections for android smart phones. The play store holds both free and paid android applications. Any android user can directly download the apps from the play store. Reviews, ratings and number of total download so far are listed over the respective app page. Here we are going to take a look on some costliest android apps.

android applications

The Google play store is an authorized app store for android users, where they can download both paid and free apps. Generally paid apps are effective and more featured than free apps. Shockingly there are some costliest android apps are available in play store that has fewer features only. Some of the costliest android apps in the play store are listed below:

  • MBE Preparation
  • Emergency Central
  • Mobile Navigator GPS
  • Western Europe
  • Got Cash
  • Get Dollar
  • pcMapper DB
  • Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus

These are few costliest android apps, which has limited features. By downloading these apps you are simply showing others that you have several dollars. The get dollar and got cash apps make others to know that you own a $200 worth android app. The med school loan viewing app was developed by a college student, which has no functionalities. Read the previous users reviews and ratings for the app that helps you to analyze something about the app. Avoid the app if it has more negative comments and less rating stars.



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