I bet you might have come across a lot of movie scenes in which a person bust opens a door or gate by shooting the lock with a gun. Have you ever thought whether or not if it’s possible in real life? Actually Matt (of YouTube channel DemolitionRanch) has tried to solve this long lasting myth in his recent YouTube video “Which Caliber Can Bust Open A Lock?

In this video Matt uses a variety of pistols and rifles as well as bullets of different sizes trying to bust open the lock. He starts off with a P22 Pistol in an attempt to bust open a lock.


The results are not so impressive! Then he goes with a 9mm Pistol trying to bust the lock and the results are pretty same. So this time Matt decides to go with a little bigger toy with 16″inch barrel and 5.56mm bullets.


And as he expected, it actually made some damage after a few rounds. So, we can bust a lock with a rifle but certainly not in a single shot. The video doesn’t end there and now he goes with a Henry Big Boy 44 magnum rifle that has a 20″inch barrel.


Two hits from this big boy has made some serious damage to the lock but this one also took a few rounds to bust the lock. Now comes the most awaited “Shot Gun” part! One shot from this fat bullet rifle almost broke the lock (but not yet!), but the second shot shattered the lock into tiny little pieces.

And, as a coup de grâce, he decided to go with some really badass toy – a 50 BMG Rifle.


It did the trick by scattering the lock into pieces at the very first shot!

Watch the complete action in the below video:


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