Blue screen errors or blue screen error is also known as stop error or blue screen of death error. With the naming itself the error is defined. In order to fix the blue screen error what made the error to appear on your screen. Moreover, there are far many reasons for the blue screen error. The first one is find out the problem.

Method 1: if you can’t read the text in the blue screen and if your system is keep on rebooting without your knowledge then it could be a serious problem where your windows important software could be corrupted, hence you should follow the steps to get back your computer on track. If you can’t boot your computer in the standard mode then try booting in SAFE MODE.

  • Go to start-> right click on Computer
  • You’ll see a drop down men in which you have to go to Properties.
  • The system property tab will emerge and check for the advance tab and click it.
  • In that dialogue box you will have an option to modify the settings, to accomplish that click on settings beneath Startup and Recovery.
  • In that recovery window if the Automatically Restart is checked then uncheck it.
  • Click on Apply or OK.

Now restart you computer and check whether the blue screen issue is solved or not. If the problem is gone without a trail then, the recent software installation might be the culprit.

If you’re not getting a blue screen error with white text on your screen then you may not encountering a BSoD. It could be minor problems that have occurred on your hardware like monitor, video card etc.

You can use the guide to troubleshoot your monitor problem.

How to Fix the Blue Screen Errors Problem?

This stop errors might happen due to the serious problems occurred in software or hardware of your computer and you system will automatically restart unexpectedly to prevent some serious damages that might happen.  If your computer persists restarting unexpectedly, then your computer may be facing some serious problems and it’s difficult to fix your windows. so, you should follow these step in order back your window on normal state.

Method 2: Follow these steps if you’re able to start you windows

Follow these steps and this will make sure that your system is runs safely with the prior state before this problem arise. And also make sure that your system is up to date.

As mentioned in the above procedure, undo the recent changes on your system using the system restore. As you may know this is one of the best and simplest ways in which you fix these blue screen errors.

In addition, the system restore will not affect your personal data’s like photos, documents and emails.

So how to do a system restore to fix the blue screen error

  • Open your windows in safe mode and click the start button.
  • In the search box, type “system restore”.
  • From the list of results click on the System Restore.
  • If you are supposed to enter the administrator password, then confirm the password to gain access.
  • Then follow the instruction on your screen to complete the system restore.
  • After you have completed the system restore method, your blue screen will demise.

If this blue screen error still persists then follow the next method

Method 3: Follow these steps to check for solution in action center

Windows will concurrently create reports to certain issues in hardware or software. Through action center you may have the solution for the current scenario. If there is a solution/instruction you to follow to fix the problem, then you should follow those steps.

Check for solution to your problem through action center

  • Go to Start-> Control Panel.
  • In that window you can see the System and Security.
  • Under the System and Security click on the “Review Your Computer Status”.
  • Then click the Maintenance.
  • Under that you can see the Check for Solutions, click on so that windows could check whether there is a solution for your problem.
  • Some major problems and the solution can only be viewed by the administrator, so make sure that you log on with the administrator account.

Method 4: Check Windows Update to have some software update

If you are still having problem with the blue screen error, then windows updates might help you with your problem. Windows update could clean up the corrupted software and replace them with updated software. To update your computer follow the steps given below.

To ensure that the new software is updated in your windows you can do it manually.

Checking for updates

  • Open the windows and go to Start-> Type Windows Update in search box.
  • Click on the first result to open the update center.
  • On the emerging windows you will see two panes. Here click on the left pane to start the update.
  • This process could take some time; you have to wait for a while so that windows update could update all the software that is available.
  • From the series of available updates you pick the updates you want to install into your computer and click ok.
  • Then you have to click the install updates to complete the process.

If the installation requires license terms, click ok. Make sure that you run the update as administrator.

Method 5: Update the Drivers from Manufactures

An improperly or incorrect installation of the latest hardware you’ve installed on your computer might have caused the blue screen error on your computer. If you think this might me be the problem, then follow the steps to fix the problem in your windows.

While installing the new hardware on to your computer make sure that you have installed the latest drivers. If your drivers are out of date, you check for the latest version in the manufacturer place. Most of the driver that stimulates the hardware is self installation enabled, when you have downloaded the drivers simply right click on the driver and browse through the process to make it active on your computer. This might solve your blue screen error problem in windows.

To make changes in your driver follow the steps below

  • Go to start->Control Panel.
  • Click on the System and Security option on your control panel window
  • Under system you are supposed to click the Device Manager Tab.
  • Enter the password and access as an administrator if you’re asked to.
  • You may see a list of drivers that are running on your computer and browse through the driver you wish to update.
  • Double click on the Driver Name and a window will appear.
  • Click on the Driver Tab and under that you have select the Update Driver option then follow the instruction that will provided while the installation.

Method 6: You can troubleshoot your blue screen error using safe mode

By booting with safe mode your system will be in limited state in which your windows will be running only with the necessary driver that is required for booting your computer. This will avoid the extra bit of driver you have installed on to your computer. This can help you to troubleshoot the blue screen error.

Follow these steps to trouble shoot with safe mode

  • Remove all the temporary memory like pen drive or DVD’s and then try restarting your computer.
  • During the start up, click on the F8 button if you are running your computer with single OS.
  • Then a main boot window will appear in that click on the safe mode.
  • And if you computer have dual operating system, then click on the operating system you’re having the blue screen error then start the safe mode by clicking the F8.
  • Now your computer will be in safe mode, to indicate that your computer display will have safe mode at all the corners.
  • To exit the safe mode, restart your computer to get back on to the normal mode.

This solution might help you with blue screen and other unexpected errors that causing the windows to shut down.

Follow These Steps If You’re Unable to Start Your Computer

If you can’t boot your windows then you should follow the steps below.

If your computer is unable to start due to the blue screen error, hence there is a greater possibility that you windows might have crashed due to the Blue Screen Error of Death. Obviously, you will have lost all the access to your windows which leaves you no option than reinstalling your windows and start up newly.

Follow these steps to repair windows on your computer.

If you have decided to reinstall the windows, follow these instructions.

Make sure that you moved the important data’s from the current OS drive to some other drives to safe them for later use.

In this method you will be formatting the OS leaving all other drives untouched.

Once after you have moved all your files to back drives do the following.

Remove all the external hardware connected to your system.

  • Insert the Windows OS CD on to your computer and boot your system.
  • Press F11 and F10 simultaneously, so that you will land in the system boot window.
  • Click on the Windows Drive that appears on the screen and click Install.
  • This process will take some time to install, and a window will appear with drive partition options.
  • On that click the C drive, or the drive you have installed the windows.
  • Click Refresh and click Next.
  • A window will emerge asking install new updates on your computer and do not update the windows.
  • Select the field and then click next.
  •  By now your windows will be started installing right in the same drive where the old windows is located.
  • A dialogue box will appear saying “you current windows will be saved as windows old, you can delete the folder from your drive”. Click OK to start up the windows installation.
  • Your system will restart several times during the installation process.
  • After the series of restarting, you’ll have the windows screen, asking for some mandatory settings to be done on the system.
  • Set up your admin name and password along with time and date setting.
  • Finish off all those setting then your windows will be ready to use.

After the installation process is complete make sure you delete the Windows Old on the drive, to deduce the drive space.

Back up all your personal data’s back to your computer.

If this solution answered comment below, or else if you have any other better ways to fix the windows, comment below. Visit to fix blue screen error with more complications.




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