We all know that children are fascinated towards the technology development and evolving into a geek. If you have a iPhone or tablet with your, probably you won’t get it in your hands when you’re in home. So you’d have eventually made up your mind to buy one tablet for your kids. Even though you’re ready to offer one cool tablets for kids, still are you afraid of the usage or breakage of the tablet.

As the technology is going through the peak of its inventions there might be a chance for your kid to download all the cool apps available in market that might clean up your wallet for good. Not to mention that every parent has the fear of misuse of the tablet or might land in a website which has inappropriate content?  Well! As far as they tablets are concerned with you’ve have the responsibility to give the best tablet for kids that will help them to educate and play and will keep you out of your fear.

Even though there are a pale of tablets from the technology giants most of them are for teenagers and business professional, to choose the best tablet for kids without stress and strain here tech3 has listed a fine collection of tablets for kids.

List of Best Tablets for Kids

Swipe junior

Price: $99


While we are looking for the best tablets for kids let’s start up with a tablet that is designed especially for kids—swipe junior. This awesome tablet for kid’s loads a 7 inch screen with multi point touching screen and hold up a pixel resolution of 1204×600 for picture perfect clarity. This tablet runs in android platform—android 4.1.2 jelly bean operating system. With lots of specification like 1GHz high speed processor, 512MB RAM and internal memory storage of 4GB this tablet is one of the best options of tablet when it comes to kids. A whole lot of features are also enabled like Wi-Fi, rear and front camera etc. in addition, this tablet is filterable and able to restrict the existence of some inappropriate content sites from your kids.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Price: $139


Directly our second suggestion for the table goes to Amazon kindle fire HD which is also a table designed particularly for kids to play and learn with. This fascinating tablet comes with a price tag of $139 which is an affordable for you and adorable tablet as far as the kids are concerned with. To add more spice this tablet comes from the best sellers in the market: Amazon. On the other hand, you will be pleased with the less charging service from Amazon and the unlimited apps available in the market for kids to learn and grow with extreme pleasure. Kindle fire is one of the best tablet for kids which you’d adore having them for your kids.

Binatone APP Star

Price: $149


If you’re looking for a tablet which is flexible to use by you and by your kids, then this Binatone App start tablet could your best choice. This awesome tablet targeting the kids and parents are packed with ultra features that includes 1GHz processor powered by 512MB RAM and internal memory of 4GB. This kids tablet runs in the platform of Android 4.1 jelly bean OS. If you feel tight with available internal memory of 4GB then you also have the facility to expand the memory space up to 16GB.

HCL ME Champ

Price: $129


With awesome touchscreen features and wide display of 7inch this table for kids holds a pixel resolution of 800×480. This kids tablet runs in the platform of android 4.1 jelly bean OS like other tablets that are listed above and differentiate itself with a powerful processor cortex A9 1GHz processor, that boosts the entire system and giving a wonderful browsing experience. To add more detail here are some feature specification of this kids tablet.

  1. 2MP rear facing camera and 0.3MP front facing camera which enables video calling
  2. Connectivity: Bluetooth, WI-FI, 3G through dongle and much more
  3. Battery: 3,100mAh
  4. Internal storage: 32GB
  5. RAM: 1GB

All these feature at an affordable and exciting pricing from the market. Buy this kids tablet in store now to offer the best tablet for your kid.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for kids

Price: $249


Samsung Galaxy tab 3 kids features with high end resolution and processor. This tablet is collective device of 7-inch wide screen powered by 1024×600 pixel resolution which gives a crystal clarity visual. The system is powered by a high end processor of 1.2GHz dual core processor. 3MP rear camera gives you a perfect snap of the pictures you take with your kid. This table would be your kids favorite if you can afford. Nevertheless, you can restrict the browsing of some unwanted sites and pretty much suitable for learning as well.

These are some of the best tablets for kids available in the market. You can buy these tablets in Amazon and flip kart with an easy home delivery option. However, there are many other grownup tablets available for kids. Pick the one that is affordable for you and opt for your kids.


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