Shirts are the foundation of every man’s wardrobe; no wardrobe is complete without a selection of shirts.

Shirts are appropriate for so many occasions, both casual and formal. They can be worn to work, to dinner, to the pub, to the mall, on holiday, to a wedding, to a funeral, when running errands, etc. – the list is endless.

The shirt is perhaps the most versatile article of men’s dress there is, with so many variations and styles to suit all tastes and all activities. However, there are some styles of shirts that are more essential than others. These include dress shirts, linen shirts, office/work shirts, button-down shirts, flannel/patterned shirts, short-sleeve shirts and chambray/denim shirts.

Keep reading to find out just why these styles are so essential and how they should be styled to maximum effect.

7 Best Shirt Styles For Men

1. Dress Shirt

Men’s dress shirts are the most formal style of shirt. They are typically worn with a tuxedo as part of a black tie ensemble. In a man’s shirt wardrobe, a dress shirt will likely get the least airtime due to the degree of its formality. However, without one a man will be ill-equipped to dress for a black tie event.

Dress shirts are typically white and cut from pique. They are pleated, have a winged collar, a bib and holes in the sleeves for cufflinks. They are worn underneath a waistcoat or cummerbund with a dinner jacket layered on top.

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2. Linen Shirt

Another style of shirt that is a wardrobe essential – especially in the warmer months – is a linen shirt. Unlike thick shirt materials, linen is lightweight and breathable and does not easily show sweat, making it the only sensible fabric to wear when the temperature rises.

What’s more, unlike other shirt styles, experimenting with neutral shades and pastel tones is a must when it comes to linen. Wear a pale pink linen shirt (sleeves rolled up) with beige chinos or a white linen shirt with blue denim jeans for the ultimate breezy and cool summer outfit.

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3. Office/Work Shirt

If you work in an office or in a corporate environment, you need a selection of business work shirts in your wardrobe. The better quality your work shirt is, the more immaculate and professional you will appear.

The classic workshirt is clean-cut and plain and is made from two-fold poplin cotton. For the summer, opt for a breathable poplin weave to keep cool. In terms of colour, pale blues, pale pinks and white are safe bets and are also most versatile.

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4. Button-Down Shirt

The timeless button-down shirt is the staple in a man’s shirting wardrobe, able to be teamed with multiple clothing pieces and suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

The Oxford button-down collar is cut from a thick Oxford cloth making it durable and giving it the appearance of being structured whilst also casual. Common features are the button-down collar and the hanger loop on the back.

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5. Flannel/Patterned Shirt

The flannel shirt is a thick shirt style best suited to cooler climates and the winter season. Whether you opt for a plain, block-colour flannel shirt or a patterned flannel shirt in plaid or check, this style can be easily layered on top of long and short-sleeve t-shirts. Pair your flannel shirt with dark-coloured denim jeans and lace-up boots you will score points for both practicality and style.

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6. Short-Sleeve Shirt

Short-sleeve shirts may not be the most popular style of shirt, but as a casual summer shirt, you can’t go wrong.

Best Shirt Styles For Men

Short-sleeve shirts are versatile and are available in all colors, patterns and prints. Wear your short-sleeved shirt untucked either with denim jeans, chinos, linen trousers or shorts and make sure the sleeve length doesn’t go beyond the mid-bicep.

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7. Chambray/Denim Shirt

Another shirt style that every man should have in his wardrobe is a chambray or denim shirt. The two are similar in style but are not interchangeable – a chambray shirt has a plain weave which makes it more lightweight, whereas denim is much thicker and heavier.

Chambray is perfect for those who like the look of a denim shirt but find the thickness of the material unnecessary or impractical in warmer temperatures.

For a stylish look, pair a blue denim shirt or a blue chambray shirt with black jeans or stone-coloured chinos.

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With the above Best Shirt Styles For Men in your arsenal, you will be equipped for every occasion that life throws at you. What are you waiting for? Wear it and be awesome!


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