It is almost 3 decade that the graphic cards has been started it possession on the minds of people and tech lovers. The gaming era has involved into the graphical interface with some high end resolution games. If you’re looking for a complete graphical set that can give you full freedom to play almost any game that is ever made, the answer would be “GeForce GTX Titan”.

GTX uses 2688 CUDA cores for GDDR5 video memory (this is clocked at 6000MHz) and a memory interface of 384 bit.

This is one best graphic card for gaming and gets you into the gaming world. Everyone should be satisfied with the functions of this graphic card expect the pricing.

GeForce GTX Titan costs $999.99 (according to Amazon pricing)

Besides the best the rest are also seems to fine to some decent games on your PC. Some of the best graphic cards for gaming in an affordable pricing are listed below, choose you budget and get the graphic card on your computer from online stores.

Before we compare the graphical cards based on the prices, there are certain things you’ve to decide before you jump into a online store.

Guide to Choose Best Graphic Card for Gaming

You can skip this part if you are well aware of what you going to do! If you’re not sure how to choose a graphic card for gaming, here are some vital tips you should watch out.

Be Sure About Your Required Memory: 1GB, 2GB or 3GB

Now a day, we can see graphic cards supporting 3GB or even higher video memory. Even the graphic card at the low end is designed in such a way to support 2GB video memory. If you think that you system would need a 6GB graphic card to run at its maximum speed, then you are absolutely wrong.

If you’re using a mid range computer ten your computer would be at its best resolution in 1GB graphic card. Unless you’re using a computer that has the high resolution of 1900×1200 or more and GPU that is powerful enough to utilize the card, it won’t be necessary.

So, know your required memory and proceed on to the next step.

Choose your DDR: Either DDR3 or DDR5

Our recommendation is DDR5, as it of high speed and improved in all functions when compared with DDR3. However, DDR2 is obsolete. So it is important to buy the improved DDR for maximum performance.

Requirements for Installing Graphic Card

If you’re purchasing a graphic card for gaming then you must be sure about the requirements, these are some basic requirements that your system should’ve in order to utilize the card.

  • You system motherboard must have a slot for PCI express card.
  • You should be aware of the power supply, you computer must have a power supply of at least 400watts. And for higher resolution graphic cards 600w or more is required.

Best Graphic Cards for Gaming

Now let’s see the best graphic cards for gaming based on the pricing perspective. We have analyzed the market and listed the graphic cards based on the rating of the users. Compare all the graphic cards which are compatible for gaming and pick the right one that suits your budget.

Best Graphic Cards for Gaming below $40

If your sole purpose is to find a graphic card just for gaming purpose then, taking up a card that is in this range is hard. However, these cards would allow you to play the games like half life 2.0, counter strike 1.6 etc. however, newer version also run on these graphic cards but only at lower resolutions.

1. ASUS GeForce 210 1GB 64-bit DDR3

Best Graphic Cards for Gaming

This is one of the cheap and best graphic cards for gaming, and if you are looking for an AUSU card, we highly recommend this card.

  • The chipset: Video Memory of 589MHz, GeForce 210 Engine Clock, DDR3 Memory Clock of 1GB.
  • Thermal Support: NVIDIA, Microsoft Windows 7.
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1600 Connectors.
  • Bus width is 64 bit.
  • Supports resolution of 2560 x 1600.
  • Connectors- DVI, HDMI, VGA

 2. Nvidia GeForce 210 DDR3

Best Graphic Cards for Gaming

This is a slightly slower graphic card, considered for the pricing criteria. Only if you’re a blind poppet of Nvidia then buy this item, as this is slower than the Intel HD graphics 3000.

  • Memory Clock: 500 MHZ & GPU Clock- 520 MHz
  • Processors and Cores- 16
  • Bus Width- 64-bit
  • Bus Standard- PCI Express 2.0
  • Memory capacity- 1GB

 Best Graphic cards for Gaming under $75

Here is a list of the gaming cards that are sold at a market price of $75, and will enhance your system to play GTA IV, assassin creed and many similar graphic games.

1. Radeon HD 6670 2GB DDR3

Best Graphic Cards for Gaming

Radeon HD 6670 2GB DDR3 replaces the older version and supports modern games which needs a decent resolution. Impressively, this graphic card for gaming is at its best and allows you play the BIOshock Infinite in high setting.

  • Memory clock- 1600MHz
  • GPU clock 800MHz
  • Recommended power supply – 400w
  • Ultra durable cooling system and 100mm cooling fan design.
  • Supports AMD Eyespeed/Eyefinity/Avivo technology/CrossFire

2. MSI AMD Radeon R6570-MD2GD3/LP Video Card


Likewise, the 6670, Radeon R6570 is a replacement for the previous version and offers a decent resolution for the games you intend to play with the computer. Plus, this graphic card for gaming is proven to the low power consumed device in readeon family. If your budget is below $75 then this would be the best gaming graphic card you will get in the online stores.

Even though radeon 6570 is one of the low end graphic card, still you will able to play some decent graphic games like skyrim 3 and Cause 2 at its high settings.

  • Video memory is 2GB DDR3
  • Memory clock of radeon 6570 1334 MHz
  • Engine clock of radeon 6570 is 650 MHz
  • Memory interface 128 bit
  • PCI Express 2.1x 16
  • Pixel Rate: 5200 Mpixels/sec

Well! These are some of the best graphic cards for gaming; pick one of these graphic cards and start playing your favorite games at high resolution. If you have experience with some cool affordable graphic cards comment below. It will be added to the list for readers.


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