There were times when teen comedy movies is not so popular, more romantic and less comedic, but a time came for us to thank for the teen movies when the first American Pie movie was released on this day. Fan’s around the world loved it by it’s thought provoking comedy about the Friendship, Love and SEX.

American Pie theatrical series is the first to prove that teen sex-comedy can blow up the box office by earning $18 million dollar in the opening weekend in its first series release (1999). In the next 16 years, it captured the fans all over the world by releasing seven new movies in next ten years. So, it’s time to celebrate the “Godfather” of all teen movies and enjoy some of the Best GIF’s from ‘American Pie’ on its 16th anniversary memorable moments from the American Pie series catalog.

Say thanks to the INTERNET, the first time most of us learned about the importance of online Streaming!!!

The Awkward kiss by JIM and The Stifler!

Who do you think will win in the contest of TERMINATOR VS SHERMINATOR!

Hilarious JIM and his PORNOGRAPHY audition,

The world’s best dad ever!

Aggressively romantic MICHELLE!!!

Who wants a (P)BEER?????????

The unseparable moments of Finch and Stifler’s MOM,

 The GREAT Stifler wisdom quote’s

The famous Kevin’s beard,

Lovable CHRIS and HEATHER!

The gorgeous VICKY moments!

Are you still laughing your A@# off??? ….ya me too!

we can go all day long about this epic teen movie until the we die out of laughing. It is still the classic sex-comedy of all time and it will ever will be for this and the future generations to come.


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