The largest healthcare professions in the US at present us Registered Nursing. RNs (Registered Nurses) are highly needed and shortly supplied in present healthcare sector, being highly to a growing significance on preventive care, the anticipated long-term care requirements of an increasing elderly population, and technological growths in patient care, causing a huge number of health issues to call for treatment. Those desiring to pursue this in demanding yet satisfying career need to initially have some time to become understand with what RNs do and even with the basic steps on how to become an RN.

What is an RN?

An RN (registered Nurse) is a healthcare professional who typically cares for patients and is the one we meet with when searching for medical care. The duties of an RN are immense, but here are the usual duties and tasks an RN makes out on a routine basis:

  • Conducting medical diagnosis
  • Creates and manages treatment plans
  • Updating patient’s charts
  • Supplies appropriate medications and doses

In most cases, an RN is normally the main medical staff one sees when usual check-ups are requires or also when there is an uninformed visit to the doctor. RNs are capable of successfully diagnosing patients while the cachet still ought to given by a doctor. A caring nature and the motive to help others and most, if not all, registered nurses have these qualities.

How to become an RN?

How To Become An RN

In order for an individual to become an RN, successful graduation of high school is required. This is most certainly the initial step within the needed training to become an RN. A high school graduation or a GED is satisfactory and based on the degree and program selected, the requirements might differ.

To get an early take off in the needed RN training, it is better to look for as much Science, English, Math and Foreign Languages classes as possible as still in high school. By doing so, the advancement into college will be a lot easier and the further skills will help greatly afterwards with the upheld nursing studies.

As soon as high school is cleared, it’s then time to move on to a state-accredited nursing school. There are various degrees available to choose from the RN programs and that are as follows:

  1. Entry-Level Master of Science in Nursing (ELMSN)
  2. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  3. Associate Degree in Nursing (AND)

Each degree differs in the duration since a Bachelor Degree is usually four years and an Associate Degree is two to three years. To acquire an Associate Degree (i.e. AND), one can usually find classes being provided at local community colleges. These classes are intended to have the student mentally set and to know as much as possible before facing the RN exam also called as the NCLEX-RN exam.

When a learner wants to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree, it aids train the person with improved settings and the tools required rising up into leadership and administrative positions.

When an individual has successfully got their BSN degree, there is yet the possibility for progress. The Masters Entry Level Program in Nursing is intended for those who hold a bachelor’s degree in another subject area but would wish to become an RN. It usually necessitates an extra one to two years of training, based on the number of requirements the individual has, and once accomplished, the person will acquire an MSN degree.

Acquiring an RN License

Every state as a Board of Nursing and the particular essentials will differ over the states before the necessary training is accomplished and an RN license can be obtained. Usually, when a person clears all classes with satisfactory grades and successfully graduates with no matter which degree they hold opted to go in will assure the right path to acquiring a license and successfully clearing the typical NCLEX-RN exam.

The next step in obtaining a license is to have the NCLEX-RN exam, which is created by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and is applied to precisely access the student’s capability of applying the skills acquired in nursing school. One must enroll to take the standard NCLEX-RN exam and a US$200 will be required as a registration fee, which is non-refundable.

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing is a worthy resource as the time comes to take the NCLEX-RN exam since they’ll have the essential four page enrollment form promptly available to you that is to be completed before having the NCLEX-RN exam.

As soon as the enrolment form has been appropriately submitted, it typically takes 5-7 working days before an Approval to the Test Letter will be issued that permits the student wanting to become a registered nurse to plan an appointment time and date to have the NCLEX-RN exam. While having the NCLEX-RN exam, it is crucial to keep in mind that:

  • It is ranked on a pass/fail basis.
  • The student cannot become a Registered Nurse without successfully clearing the NCLEX-RN exam.
  • The exam can be taken back; however, the individual ought to await a minimum of 45 days to a maximum of 90 days.

If the student successfully clears the NCLEX-RN exam and so an RN certification will be issued. The student will be permitted to work inside the state the license was made out; therefore this means that if the registered nurse would be wish to work in some other state, she or he ought to take and successfully clear the NCLEX-RN exam for that particular state.

Working as a Registered Nurse

How To Become An RN

Like stated before, deciding to become an RN is a profitable profession choice and is much largely wanted as the demand for health professional will keep on rising. As per the reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more or less 2.6 million professions within the healthcare sector are involved of RNs. There are a huge number of job opportunities and even though most pretend that an RN profession is strictly forbidden to a hospital, other areas comprise:

  • Schools
  • Nursing homes
  • In-home care

It’s as well crucial to note that several RNs are hit by contagious diseases and ought to defend themselves on a routine basis. Implementing the skills acquired through college classes will make sure that the RN will look after the sick patient in the right way, themselves and his/her surroundings as required.

To become an RN that most have come to appreciate and love, it just requires around 2 to 4 years and successfully accomplishing the state authorized NCLEX-RN exam. The career opportunities for registered nurses tend to be increasing and the demand for more extraordinary RNs is highly required. It’s a satisfying position that necessitates determination, hard work and a compassionate soul.


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