Apple is expected to release its next flagship model later next year, iPhone 7. There are a lots of speculations going over the phone and mostly on the design part. According to a report from Macotakara, which often unveils reliable predictions, Apple is planning to completely ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack from its upcoming model, iPhone 7; and is to be replaced by headphones that connect through the Lightning port. Oh! Not again. This is to make the iPhone 7 even thinner than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. So, either you’re gonna have to buy a Lightning-equipped headphones or a Bluetooth one.


This major change will let the Apple cut down up to 1mm of thickness from the device. The report, referring to a “reliable source”, affirms the very Lightning connector will support Lightning-enabled and Bluetooth EarPpods, and feature a Digital-to-Audio Converter (DAC), for backwards compatibility with wired EarPods equipped with regular 3.5mm jacks. A Lightning to 3.5mm adapter would be needed. Let’s say if you spent a good fortune of money on your premium headphones and you’ll need an adapter to use it with the future model of iPhones.


Currently Apple is providing 3.5mm jacked EarPods which comes along with the iPhone 6 and 6S variants and is anticipated to be available in the stores presumably. It’s certain that this huge change will infuriate a mass number of people. Apple has did the same once before by ditching the 30-pin connector after selling millions of them and also obliterated both floppy and optical drives with no regrets.

Well, this huge move from Apple is not a big surprise to most people as the company did the same thing with its 12 inch Macbook series. The 12” notebook featured just one external port i.e. USB-C for all operations, such as data transfer, headphone jack and charging. Later that, Apple transformed the USB ports in its laptops into super-fast Thunderbolt ports.

Though all these changes were not so welcomed by both consumers and media alike, Apple kept marching on. If the rumors are to be true, Apple might even include an adapter alongside with iPhone 7 to connect standard headphone jacks into the Lightning port.

Meanwhile some headphone manufacturers have already started the production of headphones that connects with the Lightning port in order to future-proof their products.

However, we have to wait until Apple makes an official announcement on iPhone 7 to know if the rumors are true. Let’s hope that Apple doesn’t make any changes with the headphone jack and rather focus on enhancing the battery capacity.


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