What is Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Google says, “Affiliate marketing is marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought…”

However, let me tell you what affiliate marketing is exactly. Affiliate marketing is web promoting that allows any online business to associate themselves with website holders (known as publishers or affiliates) using affiliate marketing programs. Members make money by creating deals, traffic and leads for the Merchant business. Dealers who sell products and services online or look for other affiliate business action usually use one of the affiliate marketing program commission payment methods below:

Cost Per Click (CPC)

CPC refers how much income a publisher earns every time a visitor clicks an ad link on his web site. For instance, a publisher may set image or text-based ads on his web site. When a user clicks one of the ads, he or she is led to the advertiser’s web site. Every click is registered by the advertiser’s tracking system and the publisher is paid-up with a specific amount on the basis of CPC.

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

CPL refers how much income a publisher earns every time when he or she makes a lead for an advertiser. For instance, the publisher might set an advertisement for a property site on his or her web site. If a visitor clicks on the advertisement link, he/she will be led to the advertiser’s web site where he/she can register for an account. If he/she prefers to register, a lead has been made and the publisher is paid-up with a specific amount on the basis of CPL.

Cost Per Sale or Acquisition (CPA)

CPA refers how much income a publisher earns when a visitor clicks an advertisement on his or her web site and then finishes a specific action. For instance, a publisher might set a text link or banner from an advertiser on his or her web site. When a visitor clicks the ad, he or she is led to the advertiser’s web site. He or she may then requested to complete a form or take a survey. If he or she finishes the survey or form, the activity has been finished, and the advertiser pays the site holder a specific amount on the basis of CPA.

Below are the 6 Highly Profitable Affiliate Marketing Programs:

  • Commission Junction
  • Amazon Associates
  • ShareASale
  • Google Adsense
  • LinkShare
  • Clickbank

Affiliate Marketing


Commission Junction

Commission Junction is excellent for starting affiliate marketers for the reason that it’s simple to get involved and there is a wide array of projects you can register with. Commission Junction is essentially a warehouse or marketplace with thousands of various firms who have their own affiliate marketing programs.

When you are part with Commission Junction, you then need to apply to every individual affiliate marketing program that you’re concerned in. A few programs are more difficult to get into than others, but the good news is there is a wide pick to select from to guarantee you can always discover something that copes with your interests or your site.

Amazon Associates

The Amazon affiliate program is also good for starters since getting involved in it is an easy task. An extra bonus is that when you advertise a product coming from Amazon, you bear that huge brand name credit to stand behind, which makes it easier to sell a product.

The drawback of the Amazon affiliate marketing program is that their tracking cookie lasts only for 24 hours, which intends when someone clicks through from your website if they don’t make a buy in the next day you won’t earn any commission. As a result, it’s normally better with reasonably inexpensive products that people would purchase without much wavering.


ShareASale offers access to more than 3300 individual merchant affiliate marketing programs in several vertical markets, including home and garden, food, and apparel. The network has smaller brands than many of its rivals, but several affiliate partners pay high payments: The stationary firm Tinyprints provides 10 percent commission on sales, or 5 USD per lead; whilst PerkStreet Financial Commissions pays as much as 50 USD per sale.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense isn’t actually one of the affiliate marketing programs, yet it’s another tool that you need to help legitimize a site or a blog that you hold. Plus, as the ads are created based on the content of your web site (as far as you cop out of the latest system which displays ads based on separate user browsing histories) then you’re in a sense prescribing what types of services or products you wish to advertise. If you can choose a niche market with a high CPC you’ll be able to earn some bucks over time!


Just as Commission Junction, LinkShare gives access to affiliate marketing possibilities from a set of companies, including Buy.com. LinkShare’s site boasts an easy-to-view publisher dashboard that keeps you notified about the latest offers from your merchant collaborators and provides you real-time access to your revenue information. According to the website, commission values usually go up to 20 percent.


ClickBank has far been one of the flashlight holders for affiliate marketing programs. Few starters however find it hard to get familiar with the system. That’s on account of the products sold on ClickBank are majorly online services, eBooks or software programs. Thus you need to advertise things a slight differently than you would for physical products like apparel from Amazon or eBay. On the top, you can right away sign up for ClickBank and start advertising any of the products of your slelection.


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