Etiquette is something we should follow in our workplace. No matter what profession you are in but these things are something you need to avoid wearing. Folks, there is something called “Workplace Dress Code”.

9 Things You Shouldn’t Be Wearing To Work

1. Flip Flops



Never even think of wearing flip flops to your workplace. These are only worn when you are at a beach spot. Hence, your office isn’t a good place to….

2. Fishnets



You girls will surely love to wear fishnets but office is not an appropriate place to wear them.

3. Body Con



Undoubtedly, bodycon makes you look stylish and gorgeous but just think if office is the right place to wear them? You are not on a prom or date. Are you? It is a tight-fitting outfit and definitely, your office isn’t the right place to wear it.

4. Wet Hairs


Don’t even think of doing this. No matter how hurriedly you get ready, make sure that you comb your hairs neatly at home and then step into the office.

5. Cutt-Offs



It would be the perfect choice to stay away from these kinds of pants. It is smart to wear outfits according to the occasion.

6. Sheer Clothing



You are not in discos or nightclubs. It is office and be sensible to what should you wear. You are there to work and not to expose! Even if you dare to wear, you’ll feel extremely horrible when someone comes up to you and says – “Will you just go home & change your outfit?”

7. Visible Underwear & Hot Pants



Even you know why they aren’t appropriate to wear them in an office. Will you like it if people make fun behind your back?

8. Sneakers



There are many suitable shoes to wear at a workplace. And I am sure you already have them in your wardrobe. Kindly avoid wearing sneakers since they do not match with the occasion!

9. Hats



Yes, you can wear your hats when you are in streets or somewhere at sports club but not while working.


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