Most of you may know about the Game of Thrones and the majority of you have watched it also. The whole world is crazy about the show. It is one of the hottest topics for discussion among the youngsters nowadays.  Whether it is the school, college, coffee shop or something else, you can see numerous people discussing about the story of Game of Thrones. The best thing about the show is that it is being liked by the masses. So, if you have liked the show very much, then there is no doubt that you may have liked its theme song also.

The theme song of GOT is so catchy that the musicians around the world could not control themselves from making the cover of it. And I, being a big fan of GOT, could not control sharing those great covers with you. Watch them and decide yourself as which band or solo has done the justice with the song. One more fact before starting with the numerous versions, the theme of Game of Thrones has been composed by the world renowned music director and his name is Ramin Djawadi.

9 Game Of Thrones Theme Covers That You Cannot Miss

Game Of Thrones Theme Song- The Original

Before looking into the different versions of the GOT, let’s listen up the original theme song, for those who have not listened to it till now.

Game of Thrones Theme Song- The Indian Jam Project

This version of GOT Theme song is a special gift from India for all the GOT fans around the world. The song has been performed using the two traditional Indian instruments that include a Tabla, a flute and a keyboard. The cover is extremely smooth and nice and perfectly synchronized that you just cannot miss it. Just have a look!!!

Game of Thrones Theme Song- The Break Reality (Cello Cover)

The Break Reality, a cello rock band has nicely covered the theme song of GOT.  The band includes three cellists and one percussionist that has done the full justice with the theme song. Listen yourself and decide!!!

Game of Thrones Theme Song- Harp Twins- Camille and Kennerly

The duo of Camille and Kennerly, also known as the Harp Twins has created the cover of the GOT theme song which is nicely played using the two electric harps. To get the max out of it, just use the headphones.

Game of Thrones Theme Song- Sungha Jung

One of the most watched guitarists on YouTube is back with his own acoustic version of GOT theme song.  Nicely played on the acoustic guitar, Sungha Jung has done the full justice with the song. Not only his cover is awesome, but also every note of the song is perfect.

Game of Thrones Theme Song- Flute Version

The flute version of GOT theme song is just perfect. The talent behind this version is Wouter Kellerman who has arranged, recorded and played the cover. The instruments which have been used include a fife, flute, alto flute, bass flute and a contrabass flute. I know you can’t wait to watch it, so just go ahead and enjoy the cover.

Game of Thrones Theme Song- Heavy Metal Version

 This video is especially for all the heavy metal fans out there. A band called Srod Almenara has covered the theme song and has given it a heavy metal touch that is beyond our imagination. Just have a look and I can bet that you can’t stop listening to it over and over if you are a GOT and heavy metal fan.

Game of Thrones Theme Song- Dog Version

Yes, you read it right; this is the opening of the GOT theme song that has sung by a dog. So, all the pets’ lover out there, this is the video that you must not miss at any cost. Not only it is cute, but it is perfect also, not even a single not this dog has missed. Just check it out, I can bet that you are gonna love this a lot.

So, these are some of the most amazing covers of the Game of Thrones theme song, listen to them, love them and also share them with all your GOT fans.


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