The sun and the sand are 2 things that most people can’t live without. Hence, beaches are always packed all year round with tourists and locals enjoying the heat and the waves. Since the world is filled with many beautiful and amazing beaches, it is quite hard to pull up the best beaches that everyone can enjoy. However, after a deep research, we have compiled a list of top 9 exotic beaches around the globe.

Amazing Beach Locations To Tour Around

We have presented this list in reverse chronological order just to make you curious as to which beach made to the first.

9. Morong Beach, Batanes, Philippines

Exotic Beach spots

Located at the northernmost province of the Philippines, Morong Beach has been overshadowed by the beaches of Palawan. It may be less popular but it boasts as much as its Palawan counterpart does. Morong Beach has the whitest and the best sand among all the other beaches in the province of Batanes. The blue waves on the other side are in contrast with the lush of greens, making this place a perfect get away for relaxation and tranquility.

8. Royal Davui Island, Fiji

Exotic Beach spots

With the place speaking of luxury everywhere you go, Royal Davui Island is one of the best destinations for the rich and the elites. Those who want privacy and a less crowded vacation spot will surely enjoy this place because they just simply have 16 elegantly styled Vales all over the area, hence, only a few number of guests can be accommodated at a time. With these limited guests, you will expect excellent treatment from the Fijian people as well as their hospitality and warmth. Every villa also has a private plunge pool if you just want to stay within the comfort of your own cottage.

7. Anse Lazio, Praslin, Seychelle

Exotic Beach spots

Among the beaches on the Indian Ocean, the long stretch of finest of white-sand lining the coast of Anse Lazio is a must see for all who loves the beach. This is also one of the exceptional beaches, where snorkels can enjoy and find sea turtles on its calming waters. What adds to Anse Lazio uniqueness is the reddish boulders and the takamaka trees around the place shading beach goers from the sun and making the place look like a majestic paradise.

6. Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Exotic Beach spots

Coron is one of the municipalities of Palawan that boasts some of the exotic beaches of the world. It is also the home of sea cows or locally called dugong which are now protected as it is listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s endangered species. For those thrill-seekers and adventure-hype people, Coron also offers a wreck-diving destination where ships, submarines and gunboats sank during World War II. It’s not only history that Coron offers but also the beauty of nature at its barest and innate form.

5. Bias Tugal (Tugel) Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Exotic Beach Locations

What makes this beach exotic? Simply because it is a secret beach. The place is somewhat hidden and anyone who wishes to go and see the place should have a 500 meter trek down a rocky path. The road to this beach may be hard but the paradise that awaits you is worth the trek. Stretches of wide sand and coconut trees will be in contrast with the blue sparkle of the sea making the place a beautiful get-away.

4. Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

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This beach at Zakynthos is probably one of the most visited beaches in Greece. It is the home of the shipwreck of “Panagiotis”, a smuggling ship that turned over on the beach in 1980, hence, giving another name for this beach as the “smugglers cove”. This place is a good snorkeling site with its cool waters and many enjoy the subtle beauty of the entire view.

3. Nassau, Bahamas

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True to being the capital of Bahamas, Nassau over exceeded expectations when it comes to attracting tourists. It possesses a long impressive beach that is outlined with coral reefs ideal for snorkeling. Nassau’s waters also witnessed some of the best movies produced from Pirate’s of The Carribean to James Bond’s Casino Royale. This is, perhaps, one of the places where you can go-and-get-all as you can have the relaxing time with nature as well as enjoy the casino at their Nassau Paradise Island.

2. Koh Lanta, Thailand

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Koh Lanta is considered as the most beautiful island of the Andaman Sea. Few tourists may know about this place as it is contained within the sea of Andaman but it has a 27-kilometer coastline with superb white sand and the clear, cool waters are unmarred by mass tourism making it less polluted and more eco-friendly. The island also takes pride of its mountain range covered with rain forest as well as it is a home to the indigenous settlers of the Sea Gypsy Village whose life and culture remain intact all through the years.

1. Pfeiffer Purple Sand Beach – California, USA

Exotic Beach Locations

As most of the beaches included on this exotic list, Pfeiffer Purple Sand Beach is also a hidden get-away and probably the most exotic on this list. True to its name, the sands of this beach is purple, thanks to the deposits of manganese that erodes from its surrounding cliffs. Pfeiffer beach is a post-card perfect escape with its scenic views and amazing sunsets. Visitors can also spot whales, seals, sea lions and turtles during their visit. Indeed, this place is for everyone to enjoy from surfers to photographers to nature-hikers. Or simply, just a sweet escape away from reality and to paradise.


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