We, people, don’t enjoy the rut a lot. From time to time, we feel the urge to change something about ourselves. Some change jobs, others homes, while there are those who change their looks.

When you think about it, it’s quite easy to change something about our physical appearance and feel like we have broken the shell. So, if you’re looking for ways to reinvent your look, you’re reading the right article.

Tips To Completely Reinvent Your Look

1. Play with the accessories

Sometimes the change doesn’t have to be huge in itself but its effect can. Your accessories can be a way of reinventing your style – there are so many changes you can make here. Once you decide what your new look will be, it’s much easier to choose the right accessories. Changing the type of shoes means a lot, but also switching to a different style of the purse will do the trick. A new pair of shades or changing your jewelry, for example from elegant silver to bright-colored necklaces will give you a fresh look. Take a look at your closet – all those belts, hats and scarves can be replaced by a new style.

While you’re looking to find the right style, you can search for the inspiration in celebrities. You can go for the feminine look of Audrey Hepburn or try the smart look of Marlene Dietrich, to name a few. The point is you can mix styles of two different celebrities and choose accessories accordingly.

2. The power of hair

Hair may easily be one of the biggest feminine features on you. Whether it’s long or short, curly or straight, using it as means of transforming your looks is incredibly effective. It’s one of the most powerful decorations on you. You can do so many things with it in terms of color, length, style and decorative pieces on it.

Tips To Completely Reinvent Your Look

Even changing your hair part brings a nice change. It’s the quickest way of breaking the routine – there will be something different about you but no one will know what!

Of course, if you opt for a haircut, then the first thing is to collect all the haircuts you like, as well as the colors you’d like to try out. Your hairstylist will know which is the best option for you that matches your skin tone and quality of your hair. That way, you’ll get a positive change because you won’t feel good with a bad haircut, even though it’s new!

3. Physical exercise – the long run

There are few things you can do that bring as big of a change as regular physical exercise. It can improve your looks incredibly, making you feel great about yourself, as well as healthy and energized. This is one of the ways that last longer before they show their effects but the effects are amazing. It will take you at least 2 months before you notice bigger changes but your skin will start glowing much sooner. When we speed up our blood flow through exercise, it helps our skin get more vibrant and look younger. And your body will become stronger, slimmer and more attractive – just the thing you need if you want a big, significant change. Being persistent is the key.

4. The game of colors

Colors are what brings life into us, so if you feel the need for something new, then look closely at the colors you have been surrounding yourself with. Think about your personality and specific traits you want to accent through your looks. If you want to unleash your passionate side, then turn to red. If you want to become more energetic and inspired, orange is what you need. The psychology of colors can help you determine which colors you want to focus on in order to affect your mood, too.

A color analyst could help you with your choice, too, taking your personality and physical look into consideration. There are some colors that simply don’t look good on you and you should avoid them while some you wouldn’t even consider before but they are those which actually make you stand out from the crowd. You’ll get the right mix of colors you need to introduce into your life and style – you’ll start feeling differently when you change some things around you and on you.

5. Targeted cosmetic surgery

Sometimes the need for a change is rooted in our dissatisfaction with a part of our body. We can’t choose how we look but we can definitely make some changes thanks to the development of cosmetic surgery. You don’t have to force yourself to love every part of your body if there is something about it that’s been troubling you for a long time. It’s perfectly ok to get rid of it once and for all and to instantly feel better about yourself. You’ll feel a boost of self-confidence and you’ll notice improvements even in your social life. In case the surgery will help you remove an old scar, it will also mean the intensity of the trauma you’ve experienced will be significantly reduced.

Tips To Completely Reinvent Your Look

There are many types of cosmetic surgeries for various types of issues and each one of them is very safe. Maybe the shape of your nose has been bugging you or you feel your ears should be smaller. Many women opt for reliable breast cosmetic procedures that will allow them to feel feminine and completely natural when it comes to their breasts. Be honest with yourself and allow yourself to consider the option of a cosmetic procedure. No matter how big or small it will be, the most important thing is the positive impact it will have on you.

6. Take care of your skin

Your skin is the first sign of your age. However, it can look older or younger than you really are, depending on how you treat it. It’s unbelievable how proper care of your skin can affect your look. If your skin has been looking dull and tired, it’s time to do something about it. Visit a dermatologist or a cosmetician to identify your type of skin – many women don’t use skincare products appropriate for their skin type.

Tips To Completely Reinvent Your Look

Improve your skincare routine and make sure you have homemade masks for your skin type. You also need to apply an SPF cream every day to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent unnecessary wrinkles. Getting rid of your old makeup is also important – don’t apply expired products on your skin.

7. Change your make up

Go through your makeup with more criticism this time; maybe you’re wearing colors that don’t complement your eyes or your skin tone. Let a makeup professional help you with that.

A minor but effective change is getting a statement lipstick – when you change the color of your usual lipstick, it can’t go unnoticed. If you usually stick to a nude lipstick, be adventurous and try out a statement red one. If red is what you already wear, then go for plum or violent – darker tones will give you the change you need.

Your nails complement your makeup, so it’s time you modernize your manicure. Visit a beauty salon and opt for a color that you don’t typically wear. It will pop up on your hands and be instantly noticed. Whether it’s a metallic finish or a coffin tip – play with your options.

Lastly, you can use the power of makeup to contour your face. There are numerous tutorials online which can help you contour your face with makeup and give yourself an entirely new look.

8. Introduce changes to your office wear

Maybe you don’t have the budget to completely revamp your wardrobe. That’s ok – you can focus on just one aspect and make changes there. You spend a third of your day at work, so why not introduce changes to your workplace outfit? If you usually stick to a white blouse and a pencil skirt, try something else. Mix some things up – add brighter colors to the outfit, play with some accessories, make a statement out of them.

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The point is for you to feel confident in them, not just boring and invisible. There are pencil skirts with unique details, blouses that look both smart and attractive, shoes that are appropriate for an office but still special enough for others to notice. Expand your search when going shopping and you’ll discover that many brands offer interesting smart clothes for women who are not afraid to stand out at work.

Final comment

Reinventing your look can be more fun than you think. It’s a process that allows you to experiment, try out different things and highlight the part of you that you love. You can’t expect it to happen overnight or in a week so take your time identifying what kind of change would best suit you at this moment. The more fun you have, the greater the positive effect on your looks and state of mind will be.


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