Admit it – “Jealous” is one of the ugliest emotions. Yes, to few it might make them feel good that she is into you to the core but often it involves damaging feelings, making them feel insecure, fear of losing them, anxiety and negative thoughts. So, a person generally becomes jealous when he or she fears of losing something that is too precious to them.

Now, when we talk about relationships, you’re the precious one to your partner. When you begin flirting with someone else – naturally it creates an emotion of jealous. It is just that he or she doesn’t wants to lose you. They are extremely involved with you but the way he or she behaves out of jealousy makes them appear wrong but their intentions aren’t.

If you are a male, who is into a relationship and would like to know if your girl is jealous or not then read this article, as it lists you 8 signs that clearly speaks that she is jealous.

Signs That Tells She’s Extremely Jealous

8 Signs That Tells She’s Extremely Jealous

8. She Tries To Stop When You Talk About Any Other Girl

You can easily make out if she is jealous or not by the way she behaves when you talk about any other girl in front of her. Watch her face properly – if you see her attitude little different from the way she is or tries to stop you often when you talk about someone else then it clearly means that she is jealous.

7. She Blames You For Flirting With Other Females

It is very natural for men to flirt. They end up doing it even if they don’t intend to. Now this has nothing to do with the physical attraction, whom he is flirting with. He might be just being little nice but his partner sees as the biggest threat. She might even check the phone often with those texts you have sent.

This is another sign that she is over you and getting scared of losing you. Needless to say, guys are little nice to opposite sex and no matter how good you have been in communicating with another girl, your female will blame you for it. Better to stay in your limits.

6. She Will Never Want To Let You Out Of Her Sight

No matter what but she will always keep you in her mind. Now when she is always thinking about you, naturally she will never want to let you out of her sight. This is another sign that tells that she is jealous. It becomes nearly impossible to live normally. She will watch every little move you make.

You might even feel as if you have lost your freedom completely.  Well, this is what happens when a woman gets jealous. Don’t let that happen guys or you have to face the hell out of her.

5. She Begins To Monitor Every Little Move You Make In Online

This is another sign that clearly tells us that she is getting jealous about you. If she is not texting or calling you constantly to know where you are then don’t be fooled because she might be checking your little online moves that you make.

Monitoring all your social pages and conversation helps her find out where you are, what’s happening with your life, what you’re exactly doing & even what you are thinking.

4. She Is Insecure About The Relationship

To be honest, a little amount of “jealous” stems directly from insecurities. Your girl’s envy of you being linked to other relationships (opposite and sometimes with same sex) compels her to monitor constantly the kind of bond you share with them.

3. She Asks A Lot Of Questions That Usually Don’t Have A Proper Answer

I must say this — “Asking multiple questions at a single time” is the best as well as an easy sign that clearly tells that she is jealous. She suddenly puts up so many queries that are just unanswerable at times. You just remain “blank and puzzled”.

It is like you are trapped and you have nowhere to go. For example is she puts up a question like this – “Do you think Emma Watson is more gorgeous than me”? I understand how it feels like when she puts up this question but this has only 2 possible answers – Of course, No & No.

Now, when you say NO to her – naturally it is going to make her more jealous and if you say YES she already knows that she isn’t that gorgeous and she blames you for lying. This is what I exactly meant when I said about being “trapped”.

2. She Doesn’t Like To Hear All Your Good News

Even though it is rare to see situations when girls get jealous to hear her guy’s good news but it happens. And trust me when I say this. Usually, if you are in a relationship, she should be happy if you are successful. Right eh? It is not necessary that she can only get jealous when you are into relationships with the opposite sex. This is one of the Signs Show That She Is Jealous.

No, there are certain things that can even make her jealous. Read if you aren’t aware. She can even get jealous about you personally, socially and even economically. For example, she may get jealous that you have a group of best friends or you go for a job that pays extremely well or even that you are a happy person. It is unbelievable but there are chics of this kind too. Even though she is in love with you, she can get extremely jealous of such things.

1. Those Fights

It is natural for a person to fight with their beloved out of anger but if the fight starts out of jealous then you will clearly know. The fight can be about you talking to another hot lady, promotion, friend or anything.

Note: It is pretty hard to overcome jealous. In fact, it is nearly impossible to change this attitude. Few issues can be fixed but there are times when it may lead to disaster. The only way is to avoid such situations to occur because if it happens – you know how it ends.

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