It is necessary for everyone to be in touch with the recent weather updates. It is pretty useful when you can check for latest weather forecast using your Android smartphone or tablet PC, what the Android OS succeeded in making the lives of people very much easier than ever.

Having weather forecasts would get you a better idea on what to look for in the falling days, so that you could plan how to get to job and what type of clothes to put on. There are actually a lot of paid and free Android weather widgets available in the Google Play Store. You can install any of them, but if you wish to have the best among all the weather widgets, you might need to check out the list of 8 best Android weather widgets.

Best Android Weather Widgets List

08# AccuWeather


Availability: Both as Free & Paid Version


AccuWeather is one of the most familiar Android weather widget for all of us. It’s a famous and commonly trusted widget predominately and the widget isn’t all that worse either. It features the standard stuff, such as weekly forecasts, hourly forecasts, radar, and lot more. It is possible for you to remove ads by paying some bucks. There are no differences in the widgets. You could have a desk clock style widget if you want and there is even a light and dark holo style widget you could have as well. On the whole it adds up to above average go through for weather updates. If this seems like your kind of weather app, have it for free of cost using this Google App Store link .

07# Eye in the Sky


Availability: Both as Free & Paid Version

Developer: Tim Clark

On your Android gadget, Eye in the Sky is a floaty Android weather widget app for those who’d preferably go for a cute, clean interface. The app boasts 14 conventional weather icon arrays; never forget that it even lets you to add your own array of icons. The app boasts 4 widgets in all in all (the classic 4×2 and 4×1, rectangular shaped 1×1 and a circle shaped 1×1), and has a DashClock extension. Even though you won’t be receiving lots of data on weather from this widget, the exactness is downright incredible; in addition you could customize the notifications to be perfectly what you need.

The widget is free of cost, but of you need to take out support development attempts or advertisements.

06# Stencil Weather


Availability: Both as Free & Paid Version

Developer: sachin shinde

Get weather forecast updates for about all most locations with weather data provided by World Weather Online. It provides 3 days of weather forecast with Wind Speed, Humidity, Probable Precipitation, and Pressure. It is an adorable Android weather widget that has both analog and digital clock with weather and battery level indicator. The app is available in both free and paid version.

05# WeatherPro


Availability: Paid

Developer: MeteoGroup

Charting number 5 on the best Android weather widgets is an efficient weather widget called WeatherPro. It’s a beautiful working app with a good interface and loads of feature you might ask for. This covers a wide range of daily forecasts, radar, weather charts, and much more. The widgets are also pretty good. All right so here’s the matter with WeatherPro. On its personal it’s an absolutely nice paid weather app. However, there are some services the app wants you buy a pro version to use. You’re right, it’s a paid weather app that gets you pay one more time for features. It may be one of the best Android weather widget, but it’s really a stupid thing when paying twice. Buy this app by clicking this Play Store link.

04# World Weather Clock Widget


Availability: Free

Developer: satok

World Weather Clock Widget app is one of the best Android weather widgets with cool looks and provides you with 3hr forecasts, current conditions, weekly weather forecasts, date and time around the world and current weather assistance status bar (with rainfall probability). So you could plan your journey without concerning about whether or not it’s going to rain. The widget will might turn you happy if you are searching for a worldwide supervision about weather right on your gadget’s home screen. To have this best Android weather widget in your Android gadget, click on this Play Store link.

03# Yahoo! Weather


Availability: Free

Developer: Yahoo

I came across this wonderful Android weather widget and couldn’t resist myself adding it in the best Android weather widgets list. Yahoo! Weather offers local weather reports and weather updates with data combined with splendid photographs that perfectly suit the current weather. These photos are collected from people like you, and are one among the most likeable and attractive thing about the Yahoo! Weather widget app.

It has been ranked an average 4.4 by more than 102k users on the Google Play Store. This great Android weather widget app appears to me as the 3rd best Android weather widget – merely turns your home screen look pretty with photos of your city. To have this best Android weather widget in your Android gadget, click on this Play Store link.

02# 1Weather


Availability: Free

Developer: OneLouder Apps

1Weather is a simply created weather widget app by OneLouder. 1Weather offers you with real-time local weather updates or from anywhere in the world. You can look for hourly or extended weather forecasts and see rain precipitation information. Get intense weather notifications to gear up for severe weather conditions. You could even customize the app using widgets and backgrounds. Just click on the Play Store link to get this app at free of cost.

01# Weather


Availability: Free

Developer: MacroPinch

Simplicity at its best! Weather is one of the extraordinarily easy to use Android weather widgets that scores great on the simplicity profile. Using this weather widget app on your Android device, you’re hardly one tap away from location-based (with GPS) weather updates. The climate condition is attractively animated, and the app receives its information from weather underground. Most of the reviews given for this app are impressive, and we think it surely deserves the average 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store. To have this best Android weather widget in your Android gadget, click on this Play Store link.


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