Let’s face it…Who doesn’t love a cup of hot coffee? In fact to most people, coffee is like a warm morning hug that brightens up your day while getting ready to face the daily hassles. Now, although coffee helps us to stay caffeinated, it has one major downside we can’t fail to mention: it lacks nutrients. Although it’s rich in antioxidants and Vitamins B2, this royal beverage lacks a nutritional standpoint.

Due to this factor, there has been a need to add coconut oil into the formula to turn this royal beverage into an energy-boosting superfood packed with essential micronutrients that benefit the body in multiple ways.

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What is coconut oil coffee?

The idea of mixing coconut oil with coffee was spearheaded by Dave Asprey after creating the “Bulletproof Coffee”. This recipe was created by mixing a special brand of coffee beans with unsalted butter and special oil named “Brain Octane”.

Bulletproof gained a widespread recognition among many professionals, entrepreneurs and athletes due to its nutritional value and numerous health benefits. Since this branded product was quite expensive, a homemade remedy (mixing coconut oil with coffee) was discovered to serve as a cheaper alternative to coffee enthusiasts who couldn’t afford the former brand.

So let’s get down to it.

How do you make coconut oil coffee?

health benefits of adding coconut in coffee

The process of making coconut oil coffee is quite straightforward as it involves boiling or rather brewing your coffee the normal way. When you’re done, pour the coffee into a blender and add one or two tablespoonfuls of coconut oil. Blend the concoction to brighten it up. You can add any flavors of your choice (sugar and vanilla essence) to make it flavor rich. It really is that simple!

Might some people be asking about the best coconut oil to use right? Here, it all depends on your choice and what you can afford. However, the best coconut oil to use is the Virgin Coconut Oil which is made from fresh coconut milk. If you can’t find this brand, then you might opt to go for those chemically treated/processed coconut oils available on most supermarket shelves.

With that said, lets now look at seven positive health effects of adding coconut oil coffee in your daily recipe.

Health benefits of adding coconut oil in your coffee

1. Increases metabolism

Coconut oil is a kind of a “thermogenic” food that increases your energy levels once consumed. This means that consuming one or two tablespoons will help to increase your metabolic rate burning more fats than normal.

On the other hand, coffee has been documented to contain similar metabolic effects. When the two are combined, the rate of metabolism is generally boosted leading to a noticeable impact.

2. Aids in digestion

Most of us experience a rumbling effect whenever we consume a cup of coffee. This is actually the stimulating effect of coffee where it stimulates the large intestines and the muscles to give them an extra push during digestion.

Most importantly, coconut oil acts as a natural laxative where it aids in lubricating the digestive system to increase peristaltic motion when the stool is moving through the large intestines.

3. Regulates your blood sugar

Insulin helps to control blood sugar levels. Most foods we eat trigger insulin leading to dipping and spiking of your sugar levels (which lead to cravings and other symptoms). Now, coconut oil coffee doesn’t compromise your blood sugar levels. Fact is, it binds with body cells to help strengthen insulin for a more advanced blood-sugar regulation process.

4. Cognitive Boost

Most people can’t start their day without taking a cup of hot coffee. This is all thanks to the caffeine in the coffee which increases mental alertness. Surprisingly enough, coconut oil is believed to have similar effects on your brain performance.

When the two combine, the resulting coconut oil coffee is believed to perk the brain-boosting your ketone levels to improve cognitive function.

5. Helps to lower appetite

Both coffee and coconut oil have an appetite suppressing effect that makes you eat less. In addition to its calorie burning effect, coconut oil coffee tends to make you feel full thus eliminating the habit of snacking and overeating.

What happens is that special ketone bodies are produced by the liver which curbs your appetite resulting in an appetite-suppression effect.

6. Gives you an energy boost

The caffeine you ingest in your daily cup of coffee has energy boosting effects that make you feel chilled and cheerful when kick-starting your morning. On the other hand, coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids which are converted into energy giving your body the amount of energy it needs to perform different workouts.

But here’s the interesting thing, medium chain fatty acids are very different from long-chain fatty acids. While long-chain fatty acids are converted to fats for storage (within the body), medium-chain fatty acids are directly sent to the liver to be converted to energy which aids in metabolism. In the process, this energy gives your body an energy boost which is essential for athletes.

7. Fights infections

Finally, coconut oil coffee has the power to fight bacteria and infections thanks to the presence of Lauric acid and fatty acids. Lauric acid has been discovered to have antimicrobial effects in most bacteria and organisms. In general, fatty acids have been discovered to treat fungal infections such as Candida, Staphylococcus, and Aureus.

The controversy

Although we’ve mentioned multiple health benefits of coconut oil coffee, there are a few points of concerns we’ve noticed which we found wise to mention. As far as we all enjoy taking coconut oil coffee, here are some few points of concern you need to be aware of.

1. High in calories

Although coconut oil coffee helps to suppress your appetite, coconut oil is still a fat meaning it contains a lot of calories. If you consume this superfood under uncontrolled measures, chances are that you could gain weight much faster than you think.

2. Rich in saturated fats

Coconut oil coffee has many benefits but it’s high in saturated fats which are reported to be quite dangerous. Eating diets high in saturated fats can raise the levels of cholesterol in your blood which put you at a high risk of getting a heart attack or stroke.


All in all, there’s one question I would like to ask; is taking coconut oil coffee a great idea? Just to give my own personal opinion, taking this superfood boost in moderation might be the best strategy instead of taking it on a daily basis.

Despite the many health benefits, we’ve seen that this superfood comes with several controversies which can’t be ignored. To stay on the safe side, make sure that you consume this concoction responsibly to avoid the harsh negative effects.

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