If you’ve read the news lately, you would have likely been heard about the terrorist group known as “ISIS.” The gang that’s been creating violent events all around the parts of Iraq and Syria has not just caused death and holocaust, they have also stimulated a lot of confusion.

One of the most lurid developments in the Middle East has been the rapid growth of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as a leading terrorist threat all over the world. Activists of the ISIS conquered Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, in a lightning violence.

Lots of reports coming out from Syria, Iraq and surrounding countries point the gruesome rise of ISIS forces, implying that mass murders, torture and other cruelties have been a usual event within the borders of the ISIS. The ISIS activists have obtained pledges of loyalty from fighters and terrorist groups all over the world and have caused enormous bomb blasts, killed lots of soldiers and civiliansbeheaded many western hostages, enslaved childrenwomen and drove hundreds and thousands out of their households.

Apart from all these cruelties, there are several little known facts about ISIS you should know about and I’ve listed some of them below.

1. ISIS is destroying “Historical Monuments”

Several invaluable historical locations have been captivated and destructed by ISIS militants due to the fact that worshiping idols is conceived as a dangerous religious sin. These historical sites are intended as memorials to idols by ISIS leaders, who order the blasphemy of these historical monuments as a religious duty.

Archaeological sites and museum, many of which date back around 3,000 BC, have been ransacked, drilled, bulldozed and sledgehammered. The devastation includes Ninevah Museum in Mosul (the second-largest museum in Iraq) and Hatra (a UNESCO World Heritage monument).

ISIS has no difficulties in selling sinful idols ransacked from historical monuments to financially support their war efforts, garnering millions through antiquity sales in black markets.

2. ISIS is recruiting “Children”

In a video released by ISIS on January 2015, a boy is appeared to be a child soldier who shot and killed two hostages, whom activists accused of Russian spies. ISIS recruits boys and trains them as soldiers in special camps. Those child terrorists are used as enforcerssuicide bombers and human shields. ISIS represents its child fighters as “Cubs of the Islamic State.”

3. “Obama” is blamed for the growth of ISIS

There’s a gushing political dispute on whether the Obama government deserves blame for the rise of ISIS. The dispute centers on the fact that President Obama didn’t do well in extending the Bush-era status of military agreement with Iraq, which conditioned that all US forces had to pull back from Iraq by the end of 2011.

The government tried and failed to carry off arrangements that would’ve granted the US to leave some troops back there.

4. They use “Social Media” to recruit soldiers

To imagine that the world’s most dangerous terrorist groups is recruiting soldiers thru websites and social media networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter is upsetting on so many degrees. According to a report, the primary recruits of ISIS Areeb Majeed (Mumbai, India) had killed more than 50 people in less than 6 months. He as just a college dropout during the time of recruitment.

5. ISIS earns “Millions per Day”

The advanced military and media campaigns of ISIS needs a lot of money to run. Militants need to be fed, instruments need repairs and media parties charge astronomically for making professional quality videos.

In order to handle its financial issues, ISIS has built up several revenue methods to fill their war fund. Huge bonanzas consist of a 425 million USD injection of stocks stolen from a Mosul bank whilst usual fund gains includes criminal activities such as daylight robbers, donations from wealthy supporters and selling historical artifacts. ISIS is known to be the richest terrorist group in the world.

6. ISIS issued a “Brutish Guide” for its soldiers

Ideologists of the ISIS issued a pamphlet describing guidelines for how its soldiers should treat the enslaved women in their custody. The guide says it’s allowable to captivate any “skeptical” woman and have sexual intercourse with her “right away” if she’s a virgin. And if she’s not, though, it prescribes that “her uterus must be purified” first. It has nothing much about what that actually means.

7. Pilots dropped “Supplies” instead of “Bombs”

In September 2014, militants of ISIS received a supply of ammunition, food and water as an unexpected surprise. The supply was accidentally dropped by inexperienced pilots of Iraqi military.

Iraqi media said that the supplies was actually meant for Iraqi soldiers fighting the terrorists and were dropped on the militants’ area by mistake.

Image Credits: viralnova.com, oddee.com


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