The big S plays a very important role in our lives. It is one of our basic instincts and having new ones, is not its only purpose! Especially in this age of sexual revolution, a sound sex life is something each of us long for. These days Yoga and Tantra have become very popular in the western world, as these ancient arts can significantly improve one’s sexual abilities. Moreover, we all know that sex is very good for our health and is the backbone of a healthy relationship.  Today, we will let you know about 6 yoga moves to boost your sex life.Practicing these on a daily basis  can improve your sex life, beyond your imagination.

Yoga Moves to Boost Sex

Pranayam:  Pranayam means worshipping the Prana or life force. According to Yoga, our breathing plays a key role in sexual activities. Practicing some basic pranayama techniques such as Bhastrika, Anulom Bilom, Kapalbhati, and Kumbhak will surely enable you to hold your breath for a longer time and  prolong the time of intercourse.

Wheel Pose:

6  Yoga moves to boost your sex life

This is very similar to Arch, in which your body takes the form of a wheel. It makes your spine strong and flexible.  It is impossible to explain the benefits of this amazing posture, however let me tell you; it is going improve your body fitness greatly, which will translate in your sex life.

Shoulder stand and Head stand:

6  Yoga moves to boost your sex life

Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) and Head Stand (Shirsasana) are known to be the king of all asanas as they strengthen every part of our body. You can perform these asanas on a yoga mat or towel, but it should not be too soft. These two asanas are very effective for our hands, shoulder, spine and pelvis. This to postures aligns all the chakras of our body in one straight line and greatly boosts our energy level.

Eagle pose:

7 Yoga moves to boost your sex life.3

Named after a mythical creature, this asana is known as yogic Viagra.  This is an old yoga pose but it has been recently featured in a blog post. To perform this, you have to wrap your left leg around your right leg and the right hand around your left hand. You also need to do the reverse. This asana transforms your legs, buttocks and pelvic region. It might appear to be impossible to hold the position, but with regular practice you can improve on this posture, and it will do wonders to your sex life!

Crow pose:

6  Yoga moves to boost your sex life

This posture is a whole body exercise and makes your arms, legs, and pelvic region supple and agile. It improves your body’s core strength greatly which is essential for having good sex. In this, you have to hold the whole body’s weight with your arms and tuck in the legs in between your hands and torso. It takes a lot of time and effort to master this posture and improvement in this posture is directly related to your sex life.

Balancing Stick Pose:

6  Yoga moves to boost your sex life

This is a very powerful pose, getting into this posture and holding it is not a very easy task.  It requires daily practice, and it strengthens your core muscles, hips and, legs and the upper body. This also improves your concentration and, needless to say, boosts your sex life greatly.

 Standing Bow Pulling Pose:

6  Yoga moves to boost your sex life

In a nutshell, you stretch each and every part of your body while you perform this asana. Especially from the point of view of sexual health, this is posture is extremely helpful. This posture strengthens the prostate gland in men, which plays a key role in sexual intercourse.

Please to keep in mind, that you should perform these asanas under the guidance of a trained yoga instructor.

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