One cannot be happy at all times and cannot even remain calm at all points in life. Life is not always a bed of roses and hence, your life cannot be perfect and even you cannot be perfect. We are all humans and we all have defects as well.

“Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.”
― Alan Watts

However, we can try to make ourselves better while choosing to remain happy and calm. Here, 5 tips that can help you to stay calm and happy in every situation!

5 Simple Ways to  Stay Calm and Happy At Any Situation

1. Gratitude

stay calm and happy at any situation

Gratitude and appreciation make us happier. There is so much suffering in everyone’s life but you have to look for blessings even in the darkest times. You need to focus on those blessings as hard as you can rather than crying over sufferings. These sufferings are just hurdles that make you stronger than before. Take them as challenges and look beyond them.

2. Look for a bright side

stay calm and happy at any situation

There is no harm in being an optimist at all odds of life. People who remain positive are happier, healthier, and even live longer. It is not bad to look at the glass as half-full in place of half-empty. So, try to develop optimism in yourself as well as among others surrounding you.

Take help of soothing melodies to remain calm and sound. Music can change you internally as it affects our soul rather than body. So, start listening to some soothing music through your radio headphones and become a better and calm person.

3. Stay present

stay calm and happy at any situation

Even in the times of extreme discomfort, prefer to stay present and conscious. No one likes discomfort and usually numbs ourselves at those dark times. It is no good running in the opposite direction as we would not be able to enjoy life anymore by deadening ourselves from within.

Those uncomforting moments like frustration or sadness are lessons for us. They are messages that we have to decipher and once, we get them, we will feel better once again. In order to do so, you have to start meditation. Do nothing for ten minutes and just sit with your eyes closed. It is going to make you feel alive!

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4. Accept as things are

stay calm and happy at any situation

You do not need to be perfect to remain happy. Even following the way to perfection sabotages our happiness. It is better to accept who we are and even, things as they are. There is no point in seeking perfection all times instead learn to appreciate what you have.

So, take on acceptance and renounce perfection. There is nothing bad in taking actions for making things better but it has to be with a positive outlook.

5. Love yourself

stay calm and happy at any situation1

The way to happiness is through love and acceptance. You need to accept who you are and then, love yourself unconditionally. Every being has imperfections and even, you might have. There is nothing bad in there and you have to move beyond these things. If you love yourself, then no one can stop you from being happy!

So, look out for these points to remain calm and happy from within. But most importantly out of all these points is the last one i.e. love yourself. No matter what is the situation, love yourself unconditionally and have absolute confidence in yourself. You will sail the boat!

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