It is very normal if you get nervous or anxious sometimes, like when you are in a important meeting, public speaking or money trouble. But in some of us these anxieties are more regular and forceful, which will affect them and those loved ones as well.

As we all know getting panic attack, social anxiety and phobia is a part of any mental disturbance, and which differentiate from the normal.

So, if you are facing these issues, just go ahead and read more and understand the unknown signs you may have an anxiety disorder.

5 Best Anxiety Disorder Therapy To Consider:

If you are suffering high amount of anxiety and could not able to manage it, you should consider the below therapies soon to get yourself treated.

  1.  Interpersonal therapy
  2. Cognitive
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  5. Psychodynamic therapies

More info:

Signs You May Have an Anxiety Disorder

Too Much worry

The first and most common type of anxiety comes from the excess worry and getting to the low point for a simple reasons. This is called Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). There are regular therapy’s available in the you can also try to prevent this issue.

GAD reflects in only the times you put your mind to suffer with daily live issues, which is not normal. Most of the time you may get fatigue or headaches.


There are millions of people suffer from sleep problems, which causes anxiety and depression in the long run. Working hard without sleep or too much worry will cause this insomnia problem.

Not only it causes Insomnia, other health related problems like weight loss, loose concentration, speech problems.

Forcing yourself not to sleep is a sign for anxiety disorder.


Irrational fears is most common one to many of us, like ghost, animals, or crowds, these are all sign for Phobia.

Phobia is not a regular thing but growing with it will cause to fear for every situation when you face the problem.

Neck Pain

If you are getting a neck pain, you should meet your doctor first and know why it’s happening. If this is because your late night workout or something you may did in a day, then it is a normal pain which will go away one or two days. But if it is causing for no reason, then you have stress problem

This will be regular and annoying most of the time, because of this, you may lose concentration at work and arise sleep problems as well.

Obsessive-compulsive Disorder

Some don’t the changes and routines are their way of living. Becoming the victim of obsessive – compulsive disorder makes a person to be follow the same routine and no changes, if something alternate their way, he or may get a full panic attack and forced to get angry or headache.

These are major 5 signs You May Have an Anxiety Disorder and the best way to eliminate anxiety is to be present, do yoga or exercise, have a good diet, be social with your friends.

Medications will not be helpful in the long run since it’s affecting the total behavior and dependency on medication cause problems and side effects.

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