Mykonos is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean, famous to the whole world for its waters and its countless options for entertainment and dining, so many travellers choose it as a holiday destination.

It has luxury, entertainment, history, and amazing people. There are few important places that will make you go “wow” and keep your mind go back to past centuries. It is monumental and exotic places to be in your holidays.

Why you have to visit Mykonos?

1. Architecture – Place To Visit Mykonos

5 Reasons Why You Have To Visit Mykonos

The traditional Cycladic architecture has been respected and preserved despite the huge touristic growth of the island. The small cubic houses with the shiny white walls and small windows along with the stone paved alleys create a beautiful picture. For those who want to see more of the traditional architecture of Mykonos, there are the Windmills, built from the 17th to the 19th century, Paraportiani Church with the unique mixture of different styles, the 500 churches and chapels of the island and the small fishermen villages.

2. Little Venice

5 Reasons Why You Have To Visit Mykonos

It is one of the oldest and the most characteristic districts of Mykonos. It starts from the beach of Alefkandra and ends in the Castle quarter. With the houses built almost on the sea, it will remind you of the famous Italian city. The houses create a unique spectacle in Greece. The waves sprinkle the balconies and the windows, which are painted in bright colors. In other words, visit Mykonos is the most ideal way to spend a relaxed afternoon!

3. Petros, the famous pelican

You can’t leave Mykonos without taking some great photos with one of the island’s trademarks! Petros likes tourists and you will easily find him hanging around in the harbor, near the fishermen’s boats or the cafes. If you don’t see him soon enough, ask the locals.

4. Half century of cosmopolitan life

Mykonos was “discovered” during the 60’s by rich people and VIPs who wanted to have fun away from the crowds. They were astonished by the natural beauties of the island and the friendly way locals treated them. Mykonos special culture had a great tolerance to anything different, so soon the island became a meeting point for gays and nudists.

Today the landscape has changed a lot, with five star hotels and villas for rent in Mykonos but the locals respect for their guests has remained the same. International VIPs, movie stars, top models, rock stars, athletes and fashion designers gather each summer to Mykonos to have fun, to live in luxury and to get some privacy. You can easily see them on the famous beaches, at the city’s bars or restaurants or even walking around the narrow alleys in Mykonos Town.

5. All day and all night entertainment

As you will find out very early, from the morning you wake up till the next morning, your mind will be stuck in the same mode: How not to miss the best parties of the island. The first hints will be given to you by the organizer of your holidays who surely has a great proposal for all your days and nights in Mykonos. Many hotels have transportation options directly to the most important entertainment spots.

5 Reasons Why You Have To Visit Mykonos

You wake up at noon, eat your breakfast and wear some comfortable clothes and shoes. You’re ready for Super Paradise! The party here starts early and what happens after 3 in the afternoon can only be seen on the most famous party islands, on TV news and in your wildest dreams. Crazy DJs, party animals, naked bodies of all kinds ready to get burned by the hot sun, liters of alcohol and one of the few clubs in Greece where guests never get bored of dancing, drinking and having fun. Everything can happen in Super Paradise beach.

Alternative beaches to Super Paradise, where you can join early parties, are Paradise, Psarou and Paranga.

By around 9 o’clock in the evening you will have enough “day fun”. You go back to your hotel or Mykonos Villa, take a shower, put on your best clothes and get prepared to see what the word “Nightlife” means. Visit Mykonos, Mykonos Town has a lot of bars, clubs and restaurants, in some of which you will see many celebrities among their guests. The distances are short so most tourists go from one bar or club to the other. Mykonos’ nightlife lasts until the sun comes up in the sky.


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