Mail order products first emerged way back in the 19th century. On the other hand, subscription boxes were introduced decades later in the market place. These subscription boxes usually contained selected item collections that cater to the interests of the market.

Since then, the industry of subscription has continued to thrive. In the present, the advancement of technology is making the subscription industry even noisier with Netflix as the most popular subscription deal where people get to watch their favorite TV series or movies in exchange of a monthly subscription fee. But would you believe that traditional subscriptions are still earning a spot in today’s market?

Apparently, there is a significant number of modern people that are still into non-digital hobbies like knitting. Many of them have shown interest in a knitting subscription box; usually in it are a skein of premium ethical yarn, a knit and crochet pattern, and a mystery gift that change every month.

If you are into knitting and you want to try out new knitting stuff, a knitting subscription box is what you should avail. Regardless of your budget and personal preference, the many options the market is offering today will make your purchase easier.  

Here are more reasons why you will want to avail a knitting subscription box:

Knitting Subscription Box

1. Monthly surprises await you.

Everyone loves surprises. It does not choose a particular age. Being surprised is one of the sweetest feelings one can experience. As for the knitting lovers, a monthly surprise box of knitting stuff will surely awaken that like-a-kid feeling.

2. Fiber exposure is given.

Whether you live in a rural area or an island, or you are in a busy city, it does not matter. A knitting subscription box can offer you with different amazing yarns every month and with it is the corresponding fiber exposure ranging from the latest fibers, on-trend driers, to new tools for knitting.

Most knitting subscription boxes actually contain selections that are handpicked by experts after going through rigorous research. This can make up your experience as you will have automatic access to beautiful yarns that you can share and enjoy with your fellow knitting lovers.

3. It fuels creativity.

Providers of knitting subscription boxes do not just pick different items on a random basis and just stuff them all together inside a box. The items in it are carefully picked and what you can derive from the set will be out of creativity that you are fueled with.

4. You get to have fun while supporting a small business at the same time.

Many of the knitting box providers are small and starting and yet they do not provide a substandard product. More often than not, these providers have been loving knitting as much as you do. Hence, you can guarantee that each collection is designed to satisfy your knitting urge. By subscribing, you get to have fun while helping.

5. It can be income generating hobby.

One of the best feelings in the world is getting to do what you love and earn from it at the same time. Like many others, you can actually start a small business out of the knitting subscription box you have availed.

Knitting versus Crocheting

Knitting versus Crocheting

Knitting and crocheting are two popular hobbies that are often compared with each other. But here’s why knitting is better (Your knitting subscription box will never be put to waste):

  1. Knitting is more challenging. For the challenge lovers or the more artistic and creative, knitting is more preferable over the crocheting process because the knitter can get to use and manipulate two to five needles all at the same time.
  2. Knitting patterns are much more fashionable than the patterns in crochet.
  3. The fabric that knitting produces is usually stretchy with fabulous drape. Crochet on the other hard has a rough feel.
  4. The needles used for knitting can be stylish hair accessories. There are friendly alternatives to crochet hooks.
  5. While crochet has a lot of different stitches to learn, knitting requires only two types of knit stitches: purl and knit.
  6. Sweaters made out of knitting are lovelier. Crocheted sweaters are rare to find, knitted ones are otherwise and that fact remains for a reason.
  7. Apparently, a lot of yarn store owners love accommodating knitters more than crocheters. The reason is not disclosed.
  8. Knitting gives a second chance. Unlike Crocheters that have to start over again when there is an error, in knitting fixing a possible error is allowable.
  9. Knitting is more yarn efficient than crocheting.

Out of the varied monthly knitting subscription boxes, you can actually try the following knitting stitches besides the basic knit stitch:

Stockinette Stitch – Though this style is popular, it is easy to do too. Whether you love purling or knitting or both, this style should make your experience more fun.

Yarn Bowl – This style makes use of a yarn bowl to keep yarns in order while knitting. While it’s pricey, who knows? It could be included in the next monthly surprise.

The Seed Stitch – This one’s another easy knit and purl stitch that produces a beautifully raised dimple effect like how scattered seeds look. This style is called differently in Australia, New Zealand, UK, and other areas as Moss Stitch.

The Linen Stitch – The linen stitch is sometimes pertained to as fabric stitch; one of the ingenious stitch patterns that can produce different looks with only change in color scheme as the main requirement. Bamboo Stitch – This pattern usually uses two-row, three stitch repeats. It may sound complicated but bamboo stitching is actually easy that you can still do it while watching a movie.

The Cartridge Belt Rib Stitch – This makes use of a mock rib pattern that is also reversible. It is often seen in scarves, sweaters, and are often for Afghans.

Herringbone Lace Rib Stitch – Probably one of the most beautiful stitch styles, knitting and purled stitches are combined in doing it. The turnout is a beautiful mixture of rib stitch and eyelet.

Diagonal Basketweave Stitch – This style may look intimidating at first but once the knitter figures out how to do it, it actually can get more addictive and fun.

Hope the above guide on Knitting Subscription Box have helped to understand about this knitting hobby. So why wait more, check out the awesome products and start knit yourself a sweater for this cold season.

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