It seems that it is quite easy to follow the rules of fitness. Workouts, good sleep, eating healthy and you’ll be the happiest person eh? Well, it is even more complicated than you might have thought of. Often the choices that you make for leading a healthier life are the ones that hurt you at last. Read the rest of the article and know the unexpected habits that cause harm.

5 Unexpected Habits That Do Harm Than Good

Unexpected Habits

1. Using Your Hand Sanitizer Compulsively

If you make use of a hand sanitizer, take a pause. Unless you’re in a place filled with germs, say – hospital, don’t use them. Water and soap is still fine. When you aren’t near the sink, a hand sanitizer can help. However, make sure that you always read its label. A recent research shows that hand sanitizers, which contain triclosan may promote virus and bacteria resistance to even antibiotic medications. Now, this also denotes antibacterial soaps too that contain triclosan. Go for brands that contain 55% alcohol since it kills 98% bacteria.

2. Brushing Teeth After Each Meal

You may feel that it is extremely hygienic to do so but hold on, as there are some harmful effects of it. Food that you eat leaves acid on teeth, which in turn weakens enamel. Now, brushing your teeth when enamel is already weakened is a habit that does more harm than good. To dislodge the food particles remaining after meals – just rinse off your mouth with water. Brush only twice – morning & night. Make sure to brush in circular motion as this helps in removing the bacteria completely. Never apply excess pressure on teeth.

3. Skipping Meals To Save For Later

Women usually have this practice of saving calories. They think that it helps them to lose weight. However, the thing is it doesn’t. In fact, it does more harm than good. Sadly, when you don’t eat lunch or breakfast – you begin to develop cravings & even irritability that leads to overeating later. A better approach is to eat foods rich in proteins and other essential nutrients so that it keeps you satisfied the entire day. Now, even when the dinnertime rolls, you will not wish to pile your plate with food.

4. Drinking Bottled Water Alone

Staying away from tap water and drinking the bottled ones alone may make you think that you are taking a healthy step but the truth is something else. Bottled water has no fluoride & many adults these days suffer from “fluoride deficiency”. This leads to tooth decay. So, drink water that is been purified by usual water filtration method. Trust me; this is far better than the bottled water.

5. Focusing Only On Cardio While Working Out

Undoubtedly, Cardio is one of the best workouts to shed those pounds out but doing this alone can harm than doing good. Your body becomes accustomed to the same old routine and it wouldn’t be able to take it up when you wish to try something else. Therefore, include every kind of exercise in your daily session and make sure that every muscle gets an exercise.


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