The sixth and upcoming season of “Game of Thrones” won’t be out until next year, but people already have a lots of theories on the famous series. While the readers of the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” may have known what’s about to happen in the TV show up to this point, the show is now officially going into untraveled waters. Season 6 will actually be proceeding ahead of the George R. R. Martin’s books, intending both show watchers and readers alike won’t know what’s going to happen when the upcoming season airs in April 2016.

Not that Game of Thrones fans have been trying hard to figure things out. For as far as the books have been available, people have purged each and every word of GRRM’s novels for hints as to what may happen next. The series is packed with loads of ancient folk tales, allusions and prophecies that fans have discovered throughout these years, but what does they actually mean and which might be true are up for debate. As the season 6 is nearing the release date, here are some fan theories on Game of Thrones that could turn out to be a reality.

Jon Snow has a Twin Sister

game-of-thrones-fan-theory-03This is one of the latest fan theories that’s sweeping the Internet. Remember when Ned Stark and four other men travelled to the Tower of Joy to “save” Lyanna? One among them was Howland Reed, and he and Ned Stark happen to be the only two survivors over the fight with Rhaegar’s kingsguard.

A lot of this fan theory centers on Meera Reed looking identical to Jon Snow and they were born in same year. The theory happened as a fact that the “three-headed-dragon” theory takes one more Targaryen, if we’re presuming Jon is a Targaryen alongside Daenerys. Chances are Tyrion could be another candidate, or now since some fanatics believe, Meera Reed.

And this brings out another fan theory, in which Jon Snow is believed to be Targaryen by many fans.

Azor Ahai will be Born-Again

game-of-thrones-fan-theory-04Winter is coming, and so is Azor Ahai. Azor is a preached saviour who’ll come to overcome the rival from the North. He (or she) will be resurrected from smoke and salt, wielding the sword named Lightbringer, and will save the kingdom.

Benjen Stark is Alive

game-of-thrones-fan-theory-05Benjen Stark had only a brief amount of screen time, portrayed by Joseph Mawle, before vanishing into North of the Wall (and believed to be dead off-screen). But some fans say that he has recently made a comeback, as Daario Naharis, lover and bodyguard of Khaleesi.

The character of Benjen is played, as you may know, by two different actors, and the latter turned to be the former with the intention of recruiting the help of Khaleesi and her pet dragons to fight the White Walkers.

The Faceless Men are with the White Walkers

game-of-thrones-fan-theory-06The Faceless Men might barely seem like a group of spiritual assassins who acquire small girls for interns, but they are too fishy not to have any hidden agenda. According to a fan theory, they are working alongside the White Walkers (and they might not even unaware of it).

This theory revolves around some factors: The Faceless Men is said to worship the god of death as in their motto “All Men Must Die” or “Valar Morghulis.” They pull innocent people into their temple and have them drink the Kevorkian Kool-Aid, and call that death is a gift.

Jaimie will kill Cersei

game-of-thrones-fan-theory-01One among the most spectacular theories found in the Internet, this depicts Cersei’s flashback of season 5, in which she sees an old witch-kind-of a woman to know about her future.

The central part of the answer she gets is “”…when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you”. Valongar means ‘little brother’ in Valyrian language. Cersei, of course, presumed that it meant Tyrion Lannister, which explains her suspicion and hatred towards the “imp”.

But since the imp is far away from the King’s Land, Jaimie might be taking the life of Cersei who is also a little brother of her. Let’s see how extreme their incest relationship leads them.

We have to wait till the Season 6 premieres next year to know which of these theories are true.

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