We all know that scene: a harried woman is standing in front of her mirror scouring for clothes and wondering “What should I wear today?” Yes, sometimes this behavior can be unnecessarily time-consuming but it is also pretty clear why this lament holds legitimate weight when more solemn dressing occasions arise.

Ladies, there are no rules when it comes to creating your own style but some essentials are simply timeless and cannot be left aside. With these 5 fundamental clothing items and accessories, you will always know what to reach for the next time you open your closet…

1. Handbag

No woman is properly armed for the outside world without a proper leather handbag. Such fashion accessories are the very definition of elegance, style, and, to some extent, hoarding.

5 Fashion Essentials That Define Women's Style

Yes, every woman’s handbag is packed with all sorts of long-forgotten accumulated wonders at the bottom which make searching for keys and similar baubles an adventure in itself. However, that does not diminish the fact that handbags are simply a must for your personal style because, without it, you wouldn’t be able to carry your whole world with you.

2. Black Pants

5 Fashion Essentials That Define Women's Style1

Black is sexy and eternal. You simply cannot go wrong with this choice of color. Finding a pair of trousers that flatter your figure not only transcends trends but it can be masterfully combined with a multitude of fashion styles to suit your imagination and purpose. It goes without saying, black pants are one of few wardrobe staples that your closet simply cannot go without. Just make sure you keep them black.

3. Black Pumps

5 Fashion Essentials That Define Women's Style1

Continuing with the black-colored trend, Cinderella would definitely revamp her choice of footwear with a leather pump if she were around in the real world. The reason why this perennial favorite is timeless and cannot go out of style is that you can combine it with trousers, skirts, and whatnot, no matter if it’s meant for fancy occasions or casual outings. It is, without doubt, your go-to shoe for polishing up your appearance so go and buy those shoes, ladies!

4. Day Dress

5 Fashion Essentials That Define Women's Style1

A day dress doesn’t get all the attention it needs, considering that pants have taken over all sorts of daytime celebrations. But remember: a beautifully tailored design can create that poise of sophistication – perfect for semi-formal occasions, including bridal showers, luncheons, and dates. You just have to remind yourself how easy it is to zip into something classy in order to give your pants a well-deserved timeout.

5. Suit

5 Fashion Essentials That Define Women's Style1

Nothing makes a powerful statement more than a woman in an elegantly-tailored suit ready to own the business world. However, it’s appeal extends further than the workplace. Wherever you hit the town in a well-fitted jacket and skirt, you will look modern, polished, and proper.

It is smart to invest in this type of attire, even if it means spending more than usual because not only will it reflect your achievements but you can also repurpose each piece separately.


Of course, this list excluded basics like T-shirts, sneakers, and other casual garments because, well, we live in a society. However, these 5 essentials are enough to transform your every public appearance into a fashion statement. Build your style patiently and wisely, find elegant pieces that flatter your figure, and show the world what you are made of, girls! Wear your colors proud.

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