Spring is here; it’s time to put away the hats and scarves. It’s also a great time to flaunt your beautiful hair, but before you let it down or put it up, here are some hair care tips to get your strands healthy, beautiful and strong:

Best Hair Care Tips for Spring

1. Style Carefully

Spring is a great time to try out new hairstyles and trends, and after keeping your hair under wraps all winter, it’s understandable if you’re itching to let your hair down. But be careful not to overdo it. Over styling your hair can do serious damage and cause it to become brittle and prone to breakage. A great way to change your hairstyle while still protecting your natural hair is to wear hair extensions from a reputable company like True Glory Hair.

Good quality hair extensions are durable and made from real virgin hair so they look and feel realistic. True Glory Hair’s Brazilian and Indian hair extensions come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and styles, from curly to straight, so you’ll be sure to find a bundle that matches your natural hair. They are skillfully made to withstand regular wear and constant styling, so you’re free to experiment with different styles.

3. Keep Your Hair Frizz Free

The increased humidity in the air can wreak havoc on naturally curly or wavy hair. Frizzy hair is caused by your hair sucking in the moisture from the air, causing your hair shafts to kink and swell. To fight the frizz, work a hydrating serum or leave in conditioner through your strands using your fingers. This works best while your hair is still damp.

4. Air Dry

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Never vigorously rub your hair dry using a coarse towel. This applies whether you have straight or curly hair—doing this can damage your hair and make it prone to breakage. Instead, gently squeeze excess water from it and let it air dry. If you have curly, wavy or otherwise textured hair, it’s best to apply a hair oil or serum using your fingers while your hair is still damp. If you absolutely must blow dry, remember to apply a heat protectant serum or spray before turning on the blow dryer.

5. Use the Right Tools

Using the wrong tools on your hair can also cause frizzy and damage. If you have a thick, long hair, use a wide tooth comb to gently coax tangles out instead of yanking a brush through your tresses. A wide tooth comb or detangling brush are also best for grooming curly or textured hair, which is especially prone to breakage. When choosing hair styling tools like curling wands or flat irons, opt for those with different settings to avoid overheating or accidentally burning your hair.

6. Skip the Shampoo

Not indefinitely, of course. Shampooing your hair is necessary to keep your scalp clean and fresh, but it’s not advisable to do it every day, especially during the spring. Shampooing your hair too often can dry your scalp and strands, leading to dandruff and split ends. Consider shampooing only every other day, or every two days if you have curly or textured hair.

Follow these practical tips and you can keep your hair healthy, shiny and strong as you flaunt it this season and all through summer.

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