Racing games invoke to the adrenaline freak in all of us. Whist several classic car race addicts take a firm stand that car racing is enjoyable only when it is played on a large TV screen, numerous gamers use their mobile gadgets for gaming purposes. Therefore, the best racing games have mobile versions. If you are an Android gadget user who loves racing games, then there are a lot more are there are for you to know about the free racing games for Android. Below is the list of best free racing games for Android, you must check out:

List of Best Free Racing Games for Android

#05 Dirt Road Trucker 3D

Developer: 3dinteger

In Dirt Road Trucker, you don’t compete against others directly, but still you can compare your action with other players. The head of the game is to ride your old school truck stalked good of freight through obstacle, filled, rugged and bouncy roads. You can control your truck either by on-screen touch pad, virtual steering wheel or tilting your handset. The game has also whipped more than 1 million downloads, which turns it put to be one of the top new games in the Play Store. The various stages are kicked in different countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam and USA. Surely a fun game to give a try. Click here to get this free racing games for Android from the Play Store.

#04 Real Racing 3

Developer: EA Swiss Sarl

The game is held to keep race addicts entertained. It has real brand-name cars on real-tracks around the world – thus the name. It boasts an exciting asynchronous multiplayer system through which the lap timings of your friends are recorded, and you compete against a beast that’s driving at that time. Of course you can blow them away and impact their lap time, and there’s a worth playing single-player career too. About the time, players gain new cars and could upgrade different mechanical stuff by their achievements, but make a point you take care of your vehicle to avoid damage rentals. Click here to get this racing games for free from the Play Store.

#03 Beach Buggy Blitz

Developer: Vector Unit

The game is brought to us by one of the top developer of Google Play Store, Vector Unit. Beach Buggy Blitz is a racing game with wicked obstacles coming at you from all over. The plot of the game is that thrust your hot-rod as long as possible into the unknown depths of an orphic tropical island! Discover ruined temples, secret caves, erupting volcanoes, sun-swept beaches and fog-shrouded swamps in this action-packed pursuit of exploring and havoc! Click here to get this racing games for free from the Play Store.

#02 Hill Climb Racing

Developer: Fingersoft

Hill Climb Racing by Fingersoft is one of the best fun and addictive Android racing games. The game holds a simple concept but throws you plenty of challenge to keep racing for more. The game also has a great user interface and controls. Confront the challenges of 6 unusual hill climbing circumstances with 3 various vehicles. Earn bonus pints from terrifying tricks and earn points to upgrade your vehicle and hit even more great distances. You could upgrade your vehicle and with various mechanical stuff. In this game, you got 8 stages and each one with 4 levels to accomplish the game. Click here to get this racing games for free from the Play Store.

#01 Road Warrior: Best Racing Game

Developer: Top Free Apps and Games

Road Warrior by Top Free Apps and Games is an addictive multiplayer battle racing game! Combat against opponents and blast them using the guns. Earn respect to compete against bosses. Defeat them and you’ll gain their highly tuned racing and killing machines! Click here to get this free racing games for Android from the Play Store.


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