Shopping for the men in your life can be a challenging and frustrating undertaking. This is especially true for the boyfriends who, when asked what they want, respond with a shrug or a line like, “I’ll love anything you get me.” This nonchalant response might drive you up the wall, but oddly enough, they’re being honest and the sentiment, it’s the thought that counts, is not bad advice.

The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.

– Charles Dudley Warner

Now, some of you may want to give your guy something they’ll actually value and not simply store away, never to be used again. Over the years, I’ve learned that most guys prefer something practical—something that they might need but never get around to spending money on it. This doesn’t have to be a pair of socks—although there is something to be said about a nice pair of dress socks—but it should be something that makes them say, “This is neat,” or “I never thought of this.” To get this type of response, check out my list of 5 best Christmas gifts your boyfriend will actually want.

Best Christmas Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Love

There is something so special about going on adventures to new places and seeing things from a fresh perspective, so I’ve mixed into my list both great gift ideas for travel and great gift ideas for staying at home.

1. Delsey Luggage

Your man probably just throws his stuff into a duffle bag for his travel, but this is impractical and lacks the organization required for longer trips. Delsey creates a beautifully designed, super secure, rolling luggage case that comes with a ten-year lifetime warranty and can help him keep his things orderly as he travels.

2. Video Games

Much to many of us ladies’ chagrin, most men love their video games, and all of the complaining in the world about this habit will not change that fact. Since we can’t beat them, I’ve decided to join them. If they want to veg out and play games in their free time as a way to relax, it’s easier to just embrace it. Even if you loathe it, you’d be amazed by how much your boyfriend will appreciate it when you even slightly pretend to take an interest in whatever game he’s playing. The look of surprise on his face when you gift him a new console or one of the best RTS games on the market is worth it.

3. A Filtered Water Bottle

Many of the places I like to travel to do not have easy access to clean water, especially water that western stomachs can handle without getting sick. I’ve spoken on this issue before and am here to talk about it again—being that a filtered water bottle, especially if your boyfriend loves to travel, is an amazing gift rarely utilized:

4. Noise Canceling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are a necessity. Seriously, once you try them, it is impossible to go back to the standard Apple iPhone earbuds. These headphones are fantastic for both home and travel.

While Bose headphones are the most popular name in the headphone industry, you are paying extra for the name brand as opposed to top-tier quality. When you compare ratings and reviews, the best noise canceling headphones on the market for under $400 are those made by Sony and Sennheiser. If you do not want to pay full retail price, most of these websites offer refurbished pairs that are perfect quality and come with the company satisfaction guarantee.

5. Trtl Pillow

If you are flying coach, finding a comfortable sleeping position on a plane is nearly impossible. The Trtl pillow changes that by offering incredible neck support and makes sleeping on a plane infinitely easier so that he can be awake when it matters. Although it may look funny, the Trtl Travel Pillow is one of the very best and most affordable travel pillows on the market.

This year, work to think outside the box when buying your boyfriend a gift. Find out more about his passions or where he wants to travel, and see what you can buy that may complement his interests. Regardless, whatever you give him, he is sure to love it.

Hope you would loved our list of Best Christmas Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Want. At the end if you know the person well, then choosing the right gift is not that a big problem.

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