With increasing financial awareness, a lot of people are looking to take insurance and secure their lives. A greater amount of disposable income is a crucial factor in this trend. At the moment, India’s insurance market is at a value of $60 billion. With increasing financial awareness, over the next decade, the market is expected to quadruple. This brings to our notice the untapped potential of the insurance sector. Indeed, a lot of jobs are expected here.

The most important people in this field are the insurance agents. Not only they represent the insurer, but they also form the link between the individual investor and the company. It will be fair to say that, the behaviour and the performance of insurance agents play a major role in the sales of an insurance company. For the high responsibility that they shoulder, the insurance agents are paid well. Several other personal and social benefits accompany this job role and that is what prompts many people to ponder on how to become insurance agent online. This article throws light on that while also speaking about the benefits of becoming an insurance agent in the country.

Benefits of Becoming an Insurance Agent

1. No paperwork

There is a common misconception that being an insurance agent requires you to indulge in a lot of paperwork. If you look into the details of how to become an insurance agent online, you will realize that these days everything has gone digital. From scheduling appointments to explaining policies to customers, everything is now done at the click of a button. Your firm will give you a tablet or a laptop and most of your work will be done there. Thus, basic computing knowledge and decent typing skills are prerequisites to becoming a good insurance agent.

2. Flexible working hours

For many people, it may not be possible to indulge in a dedicated 9 to 5 job. The advantage of becoming an insurance agent is that the working hours are flexible and you can work as much (or as little) as you would want. This makes it suitable for home-makers, students and retired people to take up a job as an insurance agent and get home some extra income. Another upside of this is the fact that the greater the number of hours you put in, the more highly paid you will be. With money being the motivational factor, you will find yourself more focused on your job as an insurance agent.

3. Great earning potential

In most cases, insurance agents in India are paid commissions in addition to their monthly salaries. With most insurance companies having the scope of bonuses for top-performing insurance agents, the annual monetary compensation increases manifold. The exact sum that an insurance agent takes home depends on many other factors like the type of product that they are selling and the state of residence. However, in most cases, it is seen that motivated insurance agents make more money than their peers in other professions.

4. The joy of giving back

While selling policies, most insurance agents have their targets in mind and they do not realize the great service that they are doing. In the initial days of their career, when they figure out how to be an insurance agent, they structure benefits payments in the event of unforeseen events in a client’s life. When such a thing does happen, seeing people bear the fruits of your hard work is the most satisfying thing in the life of an insurance agent. Not only does this profession give you social respect, but it also helps to build lasting relationships.

5. No higher qualifications or investment required

You do not need any capital to start your career as an insurance agent. You can start earning as early as 18 years of age. If you look up how to be an insurance agent online, you will see that most insurance agents do not have more than a secondary school education. The only thing that you need to shine is the ability to convince people and work hard. The scope of the promotion here depends on your performance and with due diligence, you can shine very early on in your career.

5 Amazing Benefits of Becoming an Insurance Agent in India

In a modern world, where an increasing number of jobs are being threatened by automation, this is one job that remains safe. This is because customer interaction is the most important part of being an insurance agent and that is not something that a machine can substitute for. Understand that there will always be a need for people to provide for their loved ones. This makes it impossible for us to fathom a future where insurance is not needed. Thus, if you are looking for a career of unprecedented growth, flexibility, social and monetary benefits, you know where you should be.


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