Putting together a photo slideshow is actually a great way to tell a story, whether it is of a trip, special event, or something else entirely. The only problem is that many people often make several fundamental mistakes when creating slideshows that make them feel boring.

Needless to say you don’t want viewers getting bored and distracted while they watch your slideshow. That is why there are a few mistakes that you should make it a point to avoid:

Mistakes to Avoid In Photo Slideshows

Mistakes to Avoid In Photo Slideshows

1. Making the slideshow too long

Slideshows that are too long and have too many photos are almost always going to bore their audience. No matter how interested they are at first, after one or two minutes they’re going to start to get a bit put off.

Avoiding this mistake is easy: Create slideshows that are shorter. Try to aim for slideshows that are about 1 to 2 minutes long, which would normally have about 15 to 30 photos (if each photo is shown for 4 seconds).

2. Not having a Narrative

If your slideshow doesn’t have a narrative it is really just a collection of random photos. While some photos may interest viewers, others will not – and overall it will get boring a whole lot faster.

The narrative is the glue that binds your slideshow together, and it really can’t survive without it. It is best to plan the narrative beforehand, then choose photos and arrange them in the right sequence to deliver it to viewers.

Make sure your slideshow has a clear beginning, guides views through the story, and then has a definitive end – and you’ll definitely keep them interested for longer.

3. Poor choice in photos

Many slideshows end up being boring because of a poor choice in photos. That can include anything from low quality photos to photos that have different aspect ratios, bad composition, or are too similar to one another.

In fact even photos that have drastically different moods can be jarring enough that they disjoint the focus of viewers.

Mistakes to Avoid In Photo Slideshows

As you can imagine this mistake covers quite a wide area, but the best way to avoid it is to be very particular about the photos that you use. Flicking through the photos that you want to add in sequence can help you to spot any that don’t seem to fit.

4. Adding in the Wrong Music

Music can really transform a slideshow and help to accentuate its mood and drive an emotional reaction. However if you use the wrong music it can work at cross-purposes to the slideshow’s content, and make it look like a mess.

Both the choice of music as well as where you add it to your slideshow is important. It should synchronize with the slideshow’s structure, and you may need to cut it or even loop certain parts for it to fit.

Suffice to say to not make this mistake you’ll need to carefully consider how you want to add music to your slideshow, and may want to experiment with several options to find the best one.

Avoiding these mistakes can be a lot easier with the right slideshow creator, and you can try Movavi Slideshow Maker for a start. It will let you fully control every aspect of your slideshow, or can automatically create one from the photos that you choose to add.

No matter what option you choose the use, if you avoid the mistakes described above you should be able to see the impact they have on your slideshow. All in all it should be able to capture the attention of more viewers, keep them interested, and truly engage them.

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